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  tb713317  |  6

gah, I posted a reply comment but idk where it went:( but sorry, and I thought therapy is completely irrelevant, but if you must, here:



"Derp, big boy!"
--Rule 34's Derpy

"Your dick is 20% cooler than anyone else's!"
--Rule 34's Rainbow Dash

These are actual lines I've seen while searching MLP without safe search on.

  Sliver1991  |  26

Is this whole MLP sexual fantasy deal new to some people? I thought it was quite old, but I guess it's just the places I frequent on the web. Perhaps I should get that checked...

  PoseidonsSon  |  3

67, You've got it right. Although bronies don't hate cloppers (kinda goes against the whole love and tolerate thing), they are generally looked down in any forum that dosent involve clopping.

  jjmeow  |  10

No. Clopper.

2 **very** different things.
Bronies enjoy the show. They enjoy the magic, the animation, the humor, and everything about it.
Cloppers really want to buck some ponies.

The more you know.

  tpike1296  |  11

I do take issue with the sexualization of characters on a kids show. Even Lauren Faust said as much as she and the rest of the crew loves the Bronies, their main targets are kids. And yes, I do take issue with clopping itself, but a few of my friends clop. I don't give them crap for it, I just ask for them to not bring it up or discuss it with me. (For reference, I have no issue with non sexual shipping pictures/stories)

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Man..what the fuck is wrong with people? This whole my little pony obsession is way out of hand. For Christ sake this is ridiculous. If your over 16 and have sexual fantasies about ponies you need help. "Bronies" are seriously freaking me out now.

  musicalducky  |  21

The cloppers are usually looked down upon in brony communities because it gives bronies a bad name. A lot of us just like the show, no sexual interests at all. Don't look down on all of us because of a few.

  KingCeltic77  |  18

(Son walks in with hair dyed rainbow) "Hey I bought the horse food and saddle" (Chris Hansen walks in) "Why don't you take a seat right over there?"

By  torbey  |  23

The strange things you find on the internet will never cease to surprise me! I can honestly say I've never thought of My Little Pony and sex in that way :S