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By bigmouthedmommy - 13/04/2015 05:35 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my husband and I caught our 12-year-old son "experimenting" with a 5-foot tall stuffed Mickey Mouse. He even made sure to rip Mickey's pants off. FML
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So he slipped Mickey his "Minnie"?

I don't think I can look at Mickey Mouse the same way anymore...


Was it a small world after all?

I'm sorry. That was terrible.

As long as they don't take him to a Disney Park, they should be fine.

I bet it was his favorite thing to play with even as a kid

I don't think I can look at Mickey Mouse the same way anymore...

Just imagine how OP and her husband feel.

"Haha! Hiya fella!"

wow you deserved that

How is this deserved...unless her son is secretly a 12 year old dog?

i guess because they walked in on him, but i disagree that was totally an fml

Well he is 12, time for "the talk"

He is known for Tugboat Willie.

So he slipped Mickey his "Minnie"?

I thought the talk was the birds and the bees, not a 5ft stuffed toy and a young boy.

Should've at least bought him a Minnie Mouse doll.

Doesn't matter, kids a furry, they have I kill it

that's my fetish. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Have a talk with him ASAP...that's definitely not appropriate!