By The fuck, junior? - 05/07/2013 22:45 - Canada - Gatineau

Today, I walked in on my 14-year-old son apparently practicing his oral sex skills on the crotch of one of his sister's Barbie dolls. FML
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JustAnotherKid4U 5

At least hes making an effort to learn!

dinosxxrawr 22

hopefully he knows real girls won't be that tiny.


JustAnotherKid4U 5

At least hes making an effort to learn!

I hope Ken feels the same way..

where else to learn anyways xD

Just imagine how he feels

Next FML: "Today, I was practicing eating out of a girl by using one of my sister's Barbie dolls. My mom walked in. FML"

dinosxxrawr 22

hopefully he knows real girls won't be that tiny.

I should hope that'd be obvious...

23, sadly, you never know these days!

Maybe it was one of those life size Barbies?

Hopefully he knows real vaginas don't look like a mound of skin and nothing else!!

BromineAddict 7

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fischerxx 10

Cotton Hill. That's who.

Why does this remind me of Adam Sandler!?!

Uhh, I honestly have no idea. Anybody else?

GoodLookingGeese 10

"Are you talking to me? Are you talking to ME?"

Gotta start somewhere...right? Hopefully he doesn't have a doll fetish.

Practice makes perfect

hey, he is just curious. im sure his future girlfriend will appreciate the effort

SkyGuy32 17

Well I think the solution for curiosity about that is ****. Not licking a Barbie doll's crotch.

Porn is rather unrealistic most of the time so no, don't use it to learn! I know a barbie isn't real or anything but that's better than ****!

Axel5238 29

To be fair if you take **** with a grain of salt and use some common sense it can be good as a teaching experience. Too many guys try to replicate everything they see and it doesn't work.

spekledworf 18

Give him one of those cream filled chocolate eggs and tell him to lick the filling out. I think he's better off learning that way

Or a pudding cup with no spoon..

lmao #8 thats a first for me. I now feel the urge to runnout and get one of those eggs

Practice makes perfect

Wait wait wait, Barbie isn't "anatomically correct"! What the hell was he licking? I feel sorry for the first girl he actually tries it on. He's going to be shocked when he sees all the different parts.

Sinistra_Blue 12

"Why do you have a hole in there? Is that a birth defect?"

Don't worry #11 I gave you a thumbs up! haha

Don't worry, I made sure you had the same amount of thumbs down..