By Anonymous / Wednesday 17 September 2014 21:57 / United States - Dewitt
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  imura  |  8

whoa. slow down there. groping and kicking the balls is 2 way different things. the groping didnt hurt. getting kicked in the balls does. i honestly dont see how you find that justification. I feel bad for any man your with

  LisaDay  |  14

no. he suggested kicking the dad in the balls. which is a huge over reaction. groping her breasts is harmless, but kicking dad in the balls is harmful.

  englacobain  |  14

No it's not you little sexist. People shouln't teach their kids to see women as objects. This is a great start.

  meli1195  |  31

Whoa #18 seems to have some issues, its just a little kid who innocently followed his dad's instructions, its not like he's showing him to put down women or telling him to grope every woman he meets

  Jessj958  |  19

I think it's hilarious. My 3 year old son has done the same thing to me. I told him it's not appropriate, but I couldn't help but laugh when he did it.

  oatmeal96  |  10

#18 This has nothing to do with treating women as objects. Your a complete idiot if you think this 4 yr old kid has any clue what objectifying women is. It's wrong yes. But at the same time it's funny cause he is so innocent he doesn't know the 'norms' of today's society... All in all your over reacting

  kingdomgirl94  |  27

Eh... there's a difference between genitalia and breasts... twenty bucks says three years ago the kiddo had his mouth on the boobs, where as groping daddy's balls is just a road to sexual abuse accusations...

  meli1195  |  31

Breasts and balls are both private areas and both should not be touched unless given permission to do so, and can both lead to sexual abuse accusations if touched

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Ya, as funny as this is now. I bet they're going to get a call from a teacher some day soon saying he's groping either his teachers breasts or the girls in his class' breasts. Not a smart move on dad's part because if op's child is told it's funny now, then he'll do it again to get a laugh out of people.

  Godsofdracos  |  15

11 you have too much faith in FML commenters. It'd obviously be- "what a sicko letting his daughter do that" and "omg gross someone call CPS; pedo alert."

Then you'd have a small percentage who make incest and pedophile jokes that get buried.

Finally a few wouldn't see an issue with it; or would wonder if he stopper her and why the mom would tell her something like that in the first place.

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