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Today, thanks to Grand Theft Auto, I found myself seriously thinking about holding up an armored bank truck when I saw it in traffic. FML
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I'd say you should try it. In the best case you're rich, and if you fail just get your car painted.

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Just make sure to yell YOLO as you somehow try to overpower them...


I'd say you should try it. In the best case you're rich, and if you fail just get your car painted.

Don't forget the rocket launcher to take down the helicopter.

If OP had the funds and connections everything you guys mentioned could happen.

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For all the people that said, "You deserved it!" have never played GTA V.

Don't forget to hit some awesome jumps on your Sanchez when you're level 5

Don't forget the train tunnel near Franklin's hood. They wont follow you down there. Even on 5 stars.

then000bster 16

Just make sure to yell YOLO as you somehow try to overpower them...

Just make sure to have some "swag" along with your yolo also, OP. They always seem to go together. Fun fact: GTA V made over a billion dollars within the 3 days it came out. In case anyone didn't know.

#16 not only that, but they also took $260 million to make the game. They covered the costs by the preorders alone.

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I actually understand this. After watching every episode of Breaking Bad my fiancée turned to me and said "I wonder if we could start cooking meth." Mainly because of the piles of money.

alshygirl 14

I feel like I need to validate by saying no, we're not cooking meth

Thanks for killing my fantasy. I was starting to get excited at the thought of you and your fiancé cooking meth.

That is a lot more logical though, because if you're smart with it you can actually get away with it.... Holding up and iron trunk spur of the moment.... Have fun in prison

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Well shit I was gunna see If you'd sell me some..:(

My co-worker actually said this to me yesterday. Lol

I feel the same every time I see a Winnebago. I always turn to wife and say hey there's my new meth lab...

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you and OP are part of the reasons why people say video games/violent movies influence violence. congratulations.

Whenever you're about to do something risky, think of it this way: You'll never be as badass as the game characters you play. Also bullets hurt and you won't regenerate quickly.

*sigh* another dream crushed by the car compactor of reality...

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After watching a marathon of The Waking Dead, I was in a store and caught someone out of the corner of my eye and my first thought was "zombie."

graceinsheepwear 33
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Why bother? Everyone knows you meant "The walking dead". Chilax

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Thank you. People like this are why the media blames video games for violence.

You took the words right out of my mouth. People need to take responsibility and stop blaming everything but themselves for what they do.

I do agree, but have to add, I think GTA is more dangerous than other video games. At the end of the day it is up to the individual but the level of realism and relevance in GTA makes it more likely for these things to happen than say, a similar game with bad graphics or a game with brilliant graphics but based in a different place or time. You can say it's the individuals fault but do you really think someone who is so impressionable that they think stupid things like OP is going to actually recognise this and decide not to play the game that everyone's raving about wherever you go? Probably not. So the game's responsibility is probably debatable, depending on how much you think we need to protect dumbass individuals from hurting others and themselves. Pretty sad really.

8- you took the words out of my mouth. I've been playing shooter games and gta games since I was 5 (I'm 15), NEVER ONCE have I ever thought it would be fun to rob a bank, rob somebody else, kill people, and have I WOULD NEVER think about considering killing a cop!

Doodlecloud, if someone (over the age of 12) plays GTA and decides to become a thug, even if they are impressionable, the responsibility still lies on them. People have gotten inspired by all sorts of media. I can understand with children, because my brother broke his arm trying to fly like Peter Pan when we were six. I would hope no adults are buying their children a game like GTA. But it happens, and if the child shoots up their school trying to be a bad ass then the responsibility is on the parents for not explaining it isn't real.

I'm not saying I'm anti-GTA or video games are completely to blame. With GTA, the amount of research and effort gone into creating a realistic virtual world is phenomenal and the result is simply stunning. I saw a screenshot of the sea the other day and thought it was a photo at first. Do you really think such attention to detail isn't going to make it more difficult for people who already struggle to differentiate between fantasy and reality to disconnect? That's not GTA's fault in itself but you have to recognise that it is making such issues more likely. I don't think there's a lot you can do about it - I don't want video games censored for the majority just because of a minority. I'm just acknowledging that we're not making it any easier for such 'vulnerable' people.

It's all very well saying 'their actions, their consequences, their fault' but the reality is that someone else is going to pay for that other persons mistake, whether they've been beaten up, mugged or something else. So yes, you can say that it's all that person's fault, but that doesn't solve the problem. There will always be people who get sucked into these things, however frustrating that is for the rest of us. You can't just ignore them and let them muck up when other innocent people are going to pay. Or rather, you can, but if you do, then you have to accept that these things may be more likely as contributing factors, whether they're video games or something else, get more powerful.

I didn't read it as 'the video games are making criminals' so much as the OP had played so much recently that their brain was still in game mode. Which I can understand, after a certain amount of time on a game you've been really focused on thinking in a specific way, if you don't take some time to wind down before going out into the real world you may find yourself wanting to go remodel that house or break up that couple walking down the street or.... I spend way too much time in sims.

34- Yeah, because GTA is SO realistic -_- No.

If someone is that impressionable and that unable to tell the difference from reality and fiction (which most people learn in early childhood), then they shouldn't be playing any video games, reading any fiction, and watching any movies or television shows. They should also avoid plays, internet videos, and news. They might start thinking that they should take on vehicles with arrows, shooting up public places, kicking random people in the balls, murdering murderers, and other such actions.

#47 - I don't know. I think it would probably be quite satisfying to kill someone. I've certainly considered it over the years. Killing a hooker and stealing a cop car would probably be a riot.

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In reality, unlike the game, armored bank trucks have SO many security features that even the DRIVER cannot actually open the door until it is at the correct location, and he receives the correct one-time-code. xD

Just like after playing hours of FIFA I seriously try to make a curling shot from 30 yards out in real life. And fail.

Dude it's a bitch to even make a perfectly straight shot without tons of practice XD

Trust me, I know lol. The worst thing about it is that it's both addicting and frustrating. You feel like you wanna put the game down (in FIFA and real life) but most of the time you can't.

Maybe you should stop playing and get back into the real world!