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  timma90  |  4

Only career choice for some girls in Stoke-on-Trent definitely girls under 16. FYL for your mother being stereotypical of your generation of children.

  newfiegirl  |  8

50, that was uncalled for. Sammy, just like any other girl, shouldnt be judged by what they wear? don't be stupid. Sammy, I think what you wear is lovely! :)

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

When you say "she doesn't believe me" do you mean about the pregnancy (or lack thereof) or the virgin thing?
Also, just take a pregnancy test to prove your point. Yeah, it sucks that your mum doesn't believe you, but sometimes that happens.

  thisgirl2u  |  9

I'm really not sure about taking the Pregnancy test just to prove that you are not pregnant. Yes, it would prove that you are not pregnant, but in my opinion it would suggest that you were having sex and needed to take the test in the first place. Too bad they don't have an over the counter virgin test that you could take.