By Anonymous - 31/12/2011 08:44 - United States

Today, my favorite fish died. To make things better my parents thought to take me out to dinner. We ate sushi. FML
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2- that was the point. Thank you for your cunning observation.

I'm here anytime... (Pulls a pistol, aims at foot)

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Eh, you could have just gotten sushi without fish. There are many other varieties to choose from.

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your parents must have been reeling from feeling so gill-ty after herring about your fish. but at least they took the oppor-tuna-ty to take you out and not act koi if i missed anything, let minnow

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48- yes. I don't care what happens in anyone's lifetime, the cure is sushi.

good point but not the day your fish died

at least they didn't make sushi out of your fish :/

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87- i got ur image on my caddilac. i got fish today feel bad for yours. Yet mine also died... And i am having lobster and the fish family tonight! :)

At least they didn't try to feed you homemade sushi.

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atleast they tried and its a fish you will get over it.

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atleast they tried and its a fish you will get over it.

I ate there too! Wonderful plaice, that.

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Suck it up its sushi you pussy

At least you didn't eat your dead fish for dinner.

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But OP could've saved some money if they did.

Exactly and how attached can someone really get to a fish

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If people can get attached to inanimate objects all the time, then they damn well can get attached to a living, breathing fish.

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83- You should watch Taboo on NatGeo. People marry walls nowadays, FFS.

How can someone possibly get attached to a fish?! One time I got a fish stuck in my bracelet while swimming in the ocean..

You *****! I remain faithful to my spatula.

My favorite is probably shrimp tempura. What about you? (Time for all the people that don't know what they are talking about to speak up so we can laugh at them.)

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i love the irony in the situation

And I love the sushi in the situation. Nothing complements a big bowl of irony like a plate of sushi.

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Atleast your parents didn't cook it into sushi afterward like that geico commercial to save money.

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Exactly. OP, your parents just gave you a free meal, be grateful.

You seem like a troll that can't spell. Pipe down.

You seem really stupid! Oh and learn to spell.

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So did mine! It was a catfish :/ was devastating to scoop the little guy out of my tank...

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Mine too! I had it for eight years!!

I would be much more compassionate if this was a dog, cat, or even a gerbil or hamster. But a fish?

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If it was a dog then his parents would have to take him the a Chinese restaurant.

I almost wrote that instead and erased it at the last minute!

Based off of your logic, only cats and dogs can be loved and/or cared about? Bull. I see no problem in this situation. OP had their fish for quite some time. Unless they truly didn't care about it, it would be natural for OP to grieve.

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So the more intelligent the animal, the more compassionate you would be towards its death? What about cows, pigs, chickens, etc? They're all more intelligent than fish.

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One of my two African frogs died recently. I was bummed. Not as painful as losing a dog but I still lost a pet I had for a very long time. The surviving frog is 22 years old, which is pretty remarkable if you think about it...that's older than many of you.

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Those African Frogs are pretty smart. I watched a video where the frog was playing an iPhone game and it would get every damn fly.

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shut up. yes, a dog or cat has more human characteristics and therefor, it's understandable. a fish, swims, eats, *****, dies... ooh aah! how the hell do you get close to a fish? it's understandable to be like " aw **** that's sucks, my favorite fish died." then go on about your day. cats and dogs show mutual feelings to a human. they love you back and show it. a fish doesn't know wtf you are, much less loves you. so OP needs to get the hell over it.