By Crazyyyymomentsss - United States
Today, I found why exactly my clothes always seemed more stretched out after about a week of owning them. My mom steals and wears them when she goes clubbing. My mom is 46, twice my size, and gets out more than me. FML
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  Knight05  |  0

You have no one to blame but yourself for not going out being fugly and lame. And your mom stretching your clothes out should be a wake up call because daughters turn into their mothers physically and mentally. And eventually you are going to be a fat bitch slinging ass for all the homies at club "oo-la-la" as well it's only a matter of time. So don't bitch about it, embrace it. You dirty fat whore.

P.S. Go make me a sandwhich trick!

  trollskitroll  |  0

Its okay. Just save them. A few months of chilling at your house is going to make you depressed. You'll start to eat more and get fat. Then you will fit into the stretched out clothes. Afterword, you'll come back to FML (because your fat and you don't leave the house like that) and write another FML about how now you fit into your moms fat clothes.

Good day madam.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Fucking hell, my mother once wore my underwear, and she is... well, I'd say about THREE TIMES my size. And that's MY UNDERWEAR! Ugh... I just let her keep the damn things...

It's just effed up when parents wear their children's clothes, no matter the reason. I am sorry, but it just is! It doesn't belong to you, it most likely doesn't fit you, it will never make you look "cool" or "hip," and, depending on what you wore, we really would rather you NOT touch have your body parts touching where we might put ours....

  omgcookeys  |  15

I'm lucky, my mother wears her own clothes that are passed down from her sisters.. nothing new except lingerie. I feel sorry for you guys.. she's the same size as me too so I wouldn't mind.

By  aslate  |  0

i think its nice that an aged woman can go out & do regular ppl stuff..... fyl 4 sure cuz shes bigger than u, but if she was thin would u be complaining?