By FlipYoC - 16/09/2009 06:15 - United States

Today, my mom was criticizing how I can't handle taking care of any living thing because I'm too irresponsible. We had a huge argument so I went back to my apartment, only to find that my fish had died. I forgot I had a fish. FML
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Oh really? Adolf Hitler said he forgot he had jews. She's not stupid, she's plain evil. She should be arrested before a pet holocaust happens.

you're just a human. Let's stick you in a room and forget about you

Reyo 2

@40: humans > fish There's a reason that it's the FISH that are in bowls and not us. @OP: just buy a new fish. Those little basterds are notorius for short lifespans.

#71, mine lived to be like 8 or 9 years old, and would have lived longer if my mom's cat hadn't pulled it out of it's tank and killed it.

Yes, there is, because humans are awful, ruining the planet and think it's ok to play god over other creatures! It's ok we're so destructive, we'll kill ourselves out soon enough and the fish will still all be swimming in the sea laughing at us :)

Yeah, I was thinking the same. NO BABEEZ 4 U

This is the most YDI I've seen yet. In fact, FYL for D-ing it so much.

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Omg please don't get another pet!

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marry late in life, and don't have kids unless you can afford a nanny

Get your own pet rock! Remember, baby steps :)

I agree with number 1, but I'd prefer to use retarded ____________________________

it doesn't mean you're necessarily stupid, but please don't get another pet anytime soon.

This really does imply stupidity. Looks like in this case mom knows best.