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Today, my grandma was sent to the hospital so I called out of work. My bosses told me that if I didn't come in I would be fired. I did so, only to find out they needed me there so I could close the restaurant while they left early to go to a party. FML
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CLupo tells us more.

OP here, all of the suggestions saying go to a higher up are great, but the only reason I can't do that is because it's a family owned restaurant. I am the assistant manager and I've been working there for almost a year; I've only called out twice. My bosses are the owners son and nephew. There's not much I can do about the situation other than leave the job as this isn't the first time they've left early while I closed the restaurant. Thank you all for the concern about my grandmother. She is doing alright now and she's stable.

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What the...? Can you complain to management?

I hope you explained to them the position you were in but if you did and they said that's what pricks they are who abuse their power


What was your grandma sent to the hospital for?

Is that really your business?

Because a heart attack or stroke is alot different than stitches for a cut.

No need to be so rude #10. They were just asking a question to see how big of an emergency it was.

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When someone chooses to post a story on a website meant for being judged- yes, the details of that story do become the commenters' business. That's how this website works.

What the...? Can you complain to management?

The bosses are the management... Maybe you mean to complain to someone higher up?

That is low of them! Hope you can work at an establishment that has empathy and values the overall wellbeing of its employees. Best of luck and hope your grandma is better!

Goodluck finding a company like that nowadays. It's all about numbers this day and age.

I used to work for one. They are few and far between, but they are out there (usually the little guys, not the big corporations). op hope your grandmother is ok, and keep your chin up. you'll find a company that values you some day.

That sucks OP, I hope you're grandma is okay.

Damn OP, thats a huge dick move. Thoughts are with you though and I hope your grandmother is doing well.

In a way "a huge dick move" kinda sounds a compliment for bravery or something. "The soldier made a huge dick move and leapt onto the grenade to save his comrades." Weird.


I hope you explained to them the position you were in but if you did and they said that's what pricks they are who abuse their power

Wow! Not cool at all!

Go higher up than your boss, and write a compliant. If the situation is still not taken care of, then go to corporate. I don't think they'd approve of your bosses reasoning to leave work early. Also, if you don't have any absences or only one other, that'll work in your favor as well. Hope everything works out and that your grandma is alright.

Wow, no empathy there. That's a duck move by your bosses. Hope your grandma gets well soon.