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FYL OP, yor father was just trying to make you fish sticks for dinner from scratch. Don't worry, when he comes through tomorrow and remembers what he had done, he'll vomit up your pet fishie.


56 - I can see your point, but a fish isn't like a dog or a cat where they play with you, are there for you when your sad, and cuddle with you when you're tired. A fish just gets nothing but some good ol' R&R in it's tank while you feed it, and therefore a fish doesn't deserve as much sentimental value as a dog or a cat does.

  BelleBelle_fml  |  11

I understand where you're coming from, however, some people do become very attached to their fish. I don't think it's fair of you to assume people don't become attached to them just because fish are not valued pets to you.


I never said fish were worthless. I've had fish, and have loved them. But when they died, I simply accepted it and moved on right away. All I'm saying is that fish don't deserve the sentimental value of something that can actually interact with you.

  CattyPurry  |  0

I've had three fish and the first time I got them I was ecstatic! They were really interesting and pretty little creatures(: but when they passed on, I didn't even really care. /:

  zachherbert  |  10

56, who said fish don't do tricks, my fish could swim, jump through a flaming hoop, juggle chainsaws, and speak fluent in every language. hell I even jacked off with my fish