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Today, I received a few new fish for my aquarium as presents for my birthday. It just so happened that these fish were carrying diseases that left me with a tank full of dead fish. Happy birthday. FML
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Maybe for the fish that she got but she won't get a refund for the fish she had.

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If she is able to prove the new fish had a disease and they were bought through a reputable store they will help her replace the old fish. Maybe not free fish but a possible discount for them might be helpful.

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Most places will replace or refund fresh water fish within a certain period of time. I have never found a place that will do this for salt water fish.

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Often diseases are contracted during transportation or while introducing fish into new water. But if a store had a batch of fish that all died or became sick, and customer keeps all the fish that died and receipt, store will normally replace all dead fish from the tank. Store will almost always replace the fish you bought that died within 7 days. This applies only for freshwater. Salt water fish and invertebrates like snails and lobsters rarely have guarantees.

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I like goldfish :) (both the actual fish & the snack food version)

Yeah mine always die within the first week. I don't know why, I feed them monthly..

the snack that smiles back! goldfish!

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Well happy birthday :) no that sucks dude. Tell them you want all new fish. It won't fix things but it could help.

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Fresh fish-sticks for lunch? NOM NOM NOM.

Man. Took The "Fish Stick" Idea Right Out Of My Mouth.

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sorry OP . well hopefully your parents buy you more fish . happy birthday anyways though :)

There's plenty of fish in I will not post that terrible joke!

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The disease they carried will add flavor