By IhadToTakeCareOfTraumatizedFish - 03/03/2016 05:32 - United States - Iowa Park

Today, while I was working at a sushi restaurant, a guy told me he wanted the table next to the "koi fish tank", because he wanted to let the fish know what happens when they "cross him". FML
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That would have made me laugh, I would have played along.

What?? That is hilarious!


That would have made me laugh, I would have played along.

Why not just play koi?

What?? That is hilarious!

Hmmm... Sounds fishy...



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Sounds like there is an interesting backstory to this. What fish double crossed him in his past? Was he in the mafia? Is that fish in protective custody?

Whole new meaning to "swim with the fishes."

Well as long as he's paying you....

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Did he think the koi were yakuza or something? I mean they have so many body markings lol

What's there to be upset about in this one? Sounds like the guy was just making a joke.

How didnt that make you laugh? That's quite hilarious :)

I would've played along with that! That's really funny!