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Today, I had to explain to my brother why it's not OK to stick his knob in the toaster. FML
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subiedude08 17

#94, Your pic makes you seem like you have a sinister plan to rule the world with butter. You and Paula Deen should rule the world together.

@124 Dude... How the fu... You have made me lose 1,000,000 braincells in 3 seconds. Idiocity is truly hitting Earth. Harder than I expected. Call the Doctor now.

But how's it consensual if the toaster isn't powered on!? What wrong with me!? What's wrong with you!?

Wait which Doctor the medical one the one the flies around in a blue box?? Both vould be useful in this situation.

I agree, we don't need people like him reproducing anyway.

Haha I took "the hard way" literally. :P

Exactly. If he gets it burned once, he'll stop unless he is a true idiot.

jw90 18

I think we can all agree that it's common sense to not put your dick in anything besides a vag.

What about glory holes #121? I mean, sometimes there's a chick on the other end...

skystormdude 10

i say let him learn the HARD way!

I think he got the wrong idea when people told him about "hot" sex.

I thought it was common sense to not put any part of your body in dangerous places.

especially, one's penis. I keep mine in the bedside drawer. ;-)

The two slits probably turned him on and thought. . . threesome!

Rainhawk94 27

the stupidity of people never ceases to surprise me

Zimmington 21

A ****** is more dangerous than a toaster... A toaster can't give you STDs. Jus a tan

Complete with light charring on the edges.

As long as he wasn't the one serving the family buttered toast...

You have made my day. Thank you. @124 Made my day horrible. You bought it up again.

Please tell me you replaced the toaster before making toast?

Mmmm chestnuts roasted on an open fire.

This is why I sometimes question on how the younger generations are going to survive later on. But I guess we learn from our mistakes.

Mysterious_one 26

she should have let life circle goes on by losing his fertility .. lol