By dukebluedevils13 - 05/08/2011 01:47 - United States

Today, my 5 year old fish died. As I was flushing him, he started swimming again. FML
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bwenduh45 7

Maybe he'll escape like nemo...

It's his plan! He wants to go back to the ocean! Evil genius he is ;)


bwenduh45 7

Maybe he'll escape like nemo...

sugarbear444 0


Awee :( Is it me or is FML getting flooded my fish stories as of recent?

This toilet has the power to reanimate the dead! I say we use it to cause a zombie apocalypse! Who's in?!?!

Sniff_N_Tickle 4

16 you sound like such a queer

hey I can speak whale! woommmbnbaaaa!

14, I sea what you did there.

14- ah let the corny jokes pour in.

At least your dad didnt microwave him

Corny jokes can be so washed up and shallow sometimes, even if they come in a steady stream. I'd much rather drop in some deeper humor even if it may sound a little fishy.

You just got punked!

Theres something catty with that fish. You should of checked if he had one small fin...

TheRealBruce 12

83 I was expecting you to say "you're just sleeping you'll eat it later."

You'll be able to find your fish in Australia, at P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Street, Sidney Go find it OP!

damn floppers...

lmao nice you remembered the whole address

1- Aw, dog in a box!!

It most likely only moved a little because of the flush starting.

Maybe the fish wanted to break out...

130 - aww hot girl

130- Aw creeper!

Spottedfeather 7

It's 42 Wallaby Way, not wallaby street.

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iJasper 8


That would be a strange mix up anyway...

Possums play dead.

Possums are fuckin cool

I'm that's a common mistake. "My fish is dead, I better flush it down the toilet. Oh wait, shit, that's my possum playing dead".

I meant to say, I'm sure that's a common mistake. No edit on iPod.

70 - happens to me all the time!

Not only does this magic toilet revive the dead, but it also turns them into different species. Cool!

bryannab1 0

possums play dead so thats what they probably ment. not that it was an actual possum.

Thanks 139, we hadn't clarified that already

bethanyjk 0

Is that supposed to be funny?

It's his plan! He wants to go back to the ocean! Evil genius he is ;)

#3 I enjoy your profile pic so much. It's bloody hilarious.

Thank you haha :) I'm glad it brings joy!

tylersign 11

3, every time I see that picture I laugh xD I've probably seen it 50 times by now, that's 50 extra laughs.

Amen. Spiderman's perfect buttsex expression FTW!

aFatFuck 0

you do know the toilet spins the fish around making it look like it's swimming when you flush it? It was dead. calm down

Nuu!! Fishee!! y are you sleeping?! *shakes plastic bag w/ fish inside* lol nemo. don't worry it was all part of a fish conspiracy so he can find his dad.. hahaha

now that's just unfortunate :P

ya. the fish will live a happy life down in the sewer.

took the words right out of my mouth

Who you callin' Pinhead?

Sunny_Eclipse 6

107- I wish I could thumb that up 100 times! LOL

vjose 0

good work nemo! now go find your father!

Mann, not curiosity killed the fish… you did :P

What is this... Two kids... One sandbox you put in your profile...? I must invetigate.... Prediction:

Oh my god kill me please. I am scarred even worse then if I had seen Satan's hairy ass in person. Do. Not. Watch. It.

what is it? :P

It's horrific. I would rather watch lemonparty for 6 hours.

A family movie about two boys learning to share in a sandbox at the local playground.

Magic1 9

And this is the beginning of Finding Nemo

Actually the end of Finding Nemo . . .

777buddy777 0

wonder who's looking for it

ironyisforlosers 0

I read this as "my five year old died" originally. That would have been an interesting FML.

Just_Peed 0

Hahahaha xD WTF I can't stop laughing cx