By whatajerk - 03/01/2015 03:11 - United States - Gainesville

Today, my dad rejected my birthday present to him because it was "Made in China." FML
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Good luck finding him a present then considering it seems like everything's made there.


I once told my nephew everything was made in China. He started checking every part of his body for the "Made in China" tag. Lol

No, your nephew was made in va-China. I admit I stole that bad joke from somewhere else. My apologies.

This is exactly why I go to the comments

Well, let's be honest here; most products are made in china so it's kind of hard to avoid made in china products. He was probably knew the present was gonna break lol

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I would rather have a made in China Product any day

Chinese ak rifles are actually made very well. at least better than most.

Good luck finding him a present then considering it seems like everything's made there.

Except babies. They're made in Va-China

Dude, that joke was already used in this fml.

Glue a bunch of popsicle sticks together, thrust the finished product in his face, and say, "It was made right here!"

#4 Problem, the Popsicle sticks are probably made in China and same with the glue..

Popsicle sticks are made from the wood of birch trees, which are plentiful in both China and the US, among other places. While it's probably more common to find popsicle sticks made in China, they're not exclusively made there. As for glue, Elmer's Glue has its headquarters in Ohio so I think OP is safe on that one.

My dad worked in an American steel mill and would not let his brother park his Toyota in the driveway.

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I saw a ford truck with the quote "Ford, made with tools not chopsticks" written on the side. Maybe ford should start using chopsticks so they can reach the standards of Toyota.

but toyota is made in japan which is waaay better than china.

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Aren't a lot of domestic cars made with foreign parts?

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Believe it or not a lot of "foreign" cars are made in the US while a lot of "American" cars out source to Mexico. So if you buy a Ford instead of a Toyota to give jobs to Americans you may be doing the opposite.

And he wonders why people say he's tough to shop for.

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it's not just white people that are racist.

Take him on a tour of his house and show him some of the things he has that are made in China. Probably most of his kitchen appliances, clothing, TV, lamps and whatnot. And his cellphone. Then take all of it and leave, because he obviously doesn't want it.