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Today, I came home after having traveled abroad for the last two months. Before I left, I'd asked my dad to take care of my fish, and he promised they'd be safe with him. I found them all decomposing. FML
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Yes, poor fishes but... Hell, it could have been your dad decomposing.

bigfoot89 4

he could have atleast replaced em for u

icefshng8 9

he wouldn't know what kindof fish they were!

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Well whoever was supposed to look after them when your dad quit did a pretty shitty job.

FMMFL1992 3
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27, they are animals too! I'm surprised there are no Finding Nemo references... but at least they didn't die from a psycho little girl

27. By your logic if you died I could say "Ah who cares you were just a human."

FMMFL1992 3

no because my logic is that humans are superior to fish.

And you have nothing but faith to base your logic upon. There is no "superior", all animals are equal. Just because one has gone through more evolutions than another doesn't make it superior.

FMMFL1992 3

umm yeah it does. if u like fish so much go live with them. Btw I'm sure no fish would be sad if you me or any other human died.

manMadeFAIL 7

You sound like the least educated person on earth. Please, you fail so hard.

FMMFL1992 3

aww a common defense mechanism when your argument fails please never comment again. Thanks

Okay. You want me to argue? 1. I never said I like fish so much. Stop assuming things. 2. Why would you tell me to go live with the fish that sounds like an argument said by a 13 year old. 3. If more evolutions make something superior than humans wouldn't be more evolved than many creatures, including birds some fish and other mammals. Which contradicts what you said. 4. And no, humans are not the most evolved creature on earth.

Oh and it is extremely difficult to detect whether or not another creature has feelings. So please inform me of your plan of how to tell if fish express sadness when I die.

I am liking this "okimsorry" dude! xD

For once I agree with okayimsorry. Hoo ya for fighting for the rights of all animals!

garrettsgirl 0

yes I have to agree with okayimsorry he has logic while the other person just cones ip with stuff.

BloodyDraven 0

okayimsorry is right, cause we are all equal, and if u think about it, all animals are superior to us, they arent the ones who have to change the environment to live

if other animals are more "evolved" and yet humans still dominate, then yes we are superior

missdestinfl2010 0

lmao! this is great.. I'm sure in a few weeks we will see an FML post that says, "I made a complete idiot of myself and got slaughtered in a FML argument" atleast we won't have to wonder who it was(:

At least it wasn't a hamster that he buried in the garden and then you wished everything in the garden would come to life and it came back to life as a zombie hamster and tried to kill you. It could be worse.

BloodyDraven 0

dropthedagger, u watch too much fairly oddparents, lol, but don't forget all the other pets that came at the very end

To the whole superiority thing, humans are superior to animals in certain categories, for example, I would say in thinking. However, there are animals who are superior to us in flying, swimming, climbing, etc. You can't really judge us based on evolution because all animals evolve based on their habitat. I just thought I would put my opinion...

I have to agree with #27. A fish's life is less valuable than a human life.

dear OP, I do not see how your life is now '******' because your fish died.

Just saying, all the people who think humans are 100% superior. I think humans at the top of the food chain because of the millions of tools we use and take advantage of. Take this example, a regular person with a gun in the room with a wolf... human would win 9 times outta ten. but take a human an a wolf... wolf would tear the person apart. every animal thinks, humans just comprehend everything a little bit better, like a wolf is comfortable in the woods and would live longer whereas a person would be in the city near some market..

missmurderx 8

Who cares. It's just FMMFL1992.

MerrikBarbarian 9

and cephalopods (squids, octopuses,etc) are smarter then you... so I agree that if you die, it's just another human. personally I'll mourn the octopus on the sushi menu

MerrikBarbarian 9

octopuses are smarter then us recent tests have shown. are only thing we win on is we are the best land animal at making tools

I think you prove the point that Cephalopods are smarter than you at least...

littlemissalex 3

At least it wasn't a puppy.

blacksswan 10

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CommonSenseKarma 17

Yeah a puppy would have been a whole lot more disturbing.

ihatecake 0

17 i highly doubt they swim up to you because they remember you from memory or even swim up at all. this is because most types of small house fish have a memory span of 2-6 seconds. it is probably because you always give them food. also most animals, especially small one like fish do not have the brain capacity for useless things such as "emotion" or "feelings" other than pain and hunger, and of course, natural instincts. there is no such thing as friendship in the minor animal kingdom. (btw pessimists ftw)

IndiRae 9

^^^ Whether the fish have feelings or not, which people could debate about till the day they died, is irrelevant in this case. OP clearly cared about their fish, I know I don't know if my beta fish loves me or not, but I love him a lot. He's four years old, and im going bawl when it's finally his time, regardless if he feels emotions or even remembers me when I leave the room.

itswhateveridk 0

well aren't you a dumb hippie shit

itswhateveridk 0

yeah u show that oversensitive fish hugger

IndiRae 9

What the **** are you talking about?0_0

It is safe to say that 68 and 69 are the biggest assholes to ever exist.

Wait, that's the same person trolling? Dear lord, you fail at life.

littlemissalex 3

17, I'm just saying that coming home to a decomposing puppy would've been a hell of a lot scarier than coming home to decomposing fish. I, too, had fish, and I was sad when they died. A dead puppy just would've been way worse.

blacksswan 10

62 do you want me to film them swimming up when I approach their tank because I can. they even come to me when I put my finger in the tank. one of them wouldn't do that at first but after a couple of months he allowed me to pet him with my finger. Snicker my blue betta even sits in my hand and so did my butterfingers (R.I.P) the orange betta. my sister tried petting them and they wouldn't even come near her.

88- yahh rip. you don't hold a ******* fish in your hand! and who pets fish? like wtf. more like fyl

blacksswan 10

go on YouTube moron. I ain't the only one.

blacksswan 10

Betta fishes are curious, social and can be played with and taught tricks. They are not something to leave in a tank and come back to everyday just feed them. & for you information all my bettas have lived for 5+ years when most people who have bettas they only survive 12-17 months

IndiRae 9

Uh. I don't think you should hold your fish. no matter if they don't seem to mind, that's probably because they can't breathe.

blacksswan 10

lol I put my hand inside the tank and they come sit on it ahha. I don't take them out of the water lol.

I agree with who cares guy. unless those were expensive fishes. anyways humans didn't get to top by kissing ass. We did it by killing and eating everything else. If ants tommorow were about 2 feet tall and three feet long we'd be ******. and they won't care if they kill us all. Btw if ants were our size a high powered sniper rifle would be needed to DAMAGE them. Exostelton FTW

dinodannyrawr 5

That is messed up to wish death on a puppy because of the owner! I hope you die you stupid ****!!!

103, if ants were our size they wouldn't be able to move properly, saw it on beak man's world!

you are mistaken, their attention span is 2-6 seconds. their memory can last up to 3 months (:

Well yes, actually fish, including goldfish do remember who you are, they're also able to recognize basic colours and what their dinner bowl looks like. Goldfish can also be taught tricks. The memory span (as someone already said) is a myth, they remember for up to 6 months. Their attention span is 3ish seconds. They do also swim up to you. Ask yourself, how any species would survive if it only remembered things for 3 seconds? Without the 'natural instinct' excuse. If something was chasing a fish and it forgot it was being chased 3 seconds later, it'd get eaten. We wouldn't have such things as fish at all.

ihatecake 0

67 i understand and feel for that the same way i love my dog and cat, i was just simply arguing the point that one of the earlier comment made of the actual fish having feelong or memory :p

karinaprism9 4

i agree with^this guy, animals in general should be well maintained and cared for but if one dies to save one human life it was for a good cause. one human life does not equal one animal life. and if another mamal species or any other kind evolved to top us in the food chain they would think themselves as superior to us.

you all realize you're talking about ******* fish, right? there's ******* kids starving in Africa and you. want to boast about your fish remembering you. seriously, get a life.

Both a fish and a dog dying would be really sad but the decomposing body would be much scarier than the small decomposing body of fish.

hide them in his room so he will be stuck with the smell

Lauren10102 3

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icefshng8 9

fish are living too! depending on the fish, they may not be...

sxe_beast 11

35 is right. My father is a huge fish person. He has a couple sea dragons that cost thousands of dollars. He also has some puffers and angels that cost hundreds of dollars each. He has a lot of really pretty/exotic/rare? fish.

I guess you could say they're *glasses* sleeping with the fishes. YEEEEAAAAAH

flockz 19

idk boners their sticks might all be a little withered by now...

simply_improper 1

fish are to easily forgotten.

antoniocalos15 0

thats mmeessed up fish r so romantic and relaxing

simply_improper 1
saIty 17

My dad would have ate them for dinner. Then he would have put goldfish inside the tank thinking he would fool me.

They might have been goldfish that op had in the first place, who knows

You'd still be able to tell the difference.. especially if OP's fish had grown to a considerable size.