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Today, I introduced my new boyfriend to my parents. Everyone knows he's into the emo scene, but this didn't stop my dad from slowly looking him up and down, then saying, completely deadpan, "You never told us you were a lesbian, honey." FML
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SimpleMinds_fml 7

Did your boyfriend go home and right a whiny song about it?


SimpleMinds_fml 7

Agreed, daddy's clever. However, I feel bad for the boyfriend.

OP, your dad must be so proud of you! ........

Llama_Face89 33

OP's dad is my hero. Guys were never meant to wear skinny jeans and makeup. It's unnatural and unpleasant. Throw on a pair of Tripps and call it a day. They're actually comfortable and leave you with you ability to reproduce intact...

43 pretty much said what I was going to say. :)

Damn, people here really like to hate on gothness. Here in Berkeley, Cali, it's really not a big deal.

To each his own. I'll promise not to make fun of your skinny jeans if you promise not to make fun of my pearl snap shirts and cowboy boots.

Is he also apart of the "Black Veil Bride Army" lol

43- Honestly, I've neither met , nor heard of, a gay emo. Society just relates the stigma of being goth to the stigma of homosexuality, and combines the two into one.

enonymous 8

If I was a girl I'd never date a goth. All your eyeliner, nail polish, and eye shadow wouldn't last a week with him around

koolkat27 13

well, emos are pretty much girls with all the makeup and nail polish shit they wear. it's not exactly attractive. :/

OP your dad wants you to date a real man and not a pussy. For real men, take a look at enonymous' pic. ( might have a blond dyed hairy anus though)

@125 Sorry, i think i'm missing something here. How does being an 'emo' make you a pussy? That's a pretty big generalisation jackass.

To everyone that appears to be interchanging the words goth and emo THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

victoria_truth 1

Right...but to the objective eye, or someone with an eye of fashion, it is all a bad look for guys and they should just not do it. Not saying anything about the way they are, just the way they choose to present themselves, which is pretty lame.

Geez, so many closed minded assholes on this fml. -.- smh

chefmark02 1

I 2nd that! Anyone has the right to express themselves however they want. If woman can wear pants and shorts, then why can a guy not were make up?

xStaciexLynnx 15

Nobody put emo with gay except for you guys who are "defending" it. The dad asked the daughter if she was a lesbian. That would imply that the emo boyfriend is a girl, not gay. If he had said "Honey, you never told us your bf is gay." then he'd be calling the emo boy gay.

Jammy01jams 2

To all the people saying that you would feel bad if you were being made fun of for the way they dress. That is the point. If people laughed at the way I dressed everywhere I went, id stop dressing that way!

ITT: people presenting their opinions as fact. Other people disagree. Move on. For reference, "I think that, because this person dresses this way, they are a pussy" is shoddy logic, at best. So is "I like/dislike this, so other people who differ are wrong". TL/DR: Get over yourselves. Just because YOU agree with you doesn't mean everyone else should.

evendo her father wasn't on the internet, that day he still won the internet!

If the 'boyfriend' kills herself I want pics.

Llama_Face89 33

Hey 197, it's actually not cool to make jokes about committing suicide. Asshole.

Preps are douchebags. Anyways the Emo look can be hot on girls but on guys it just looks disgustion and retarted.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Smartest comment I've seen out of fml lately.

CoolStoryScrote 6

If you dress to associate yourself with a certain culture, you're signing up to be stereotyped. Negatively and positively. If you see someone wearing a swastica and have a shaved head, are you "not going to judge"?

CoolStoryScrote 6

You seem to have a problem differentiating between emo and goth and group them into the same thing. Let me break it down for you. Goth=original. Emo=shitty rip-off of goth, metal, punk, and hipster.

Llama_Face89 33
Llama_Face89 33

100- HEY! goth and emo are completely different looks thank you very much!

Llama_Face89 33

210 & 233- No self respecting guy should ever wear that shit. If you're into guys that are more feminine than you are that's an issue. Seek help.

joee182 3

Just jelous cause you probably dont look good in tight pants haha

metalcoremaster 4
some_girl9 8

You're a fat emo chick, aren't you?

I'm only "defending the emos" because sometimes I enjoy their music on Pandora.

Honestly, I have nothing against Emo/goth people. Most of them are just rebellious teenagers who are going through a phase. I do think you look ridiculous if you dress like that, but its your decision not mine so I will leave you alone either way.

actually, I'm not sure about tht, the vibe I get from emo scene is a kid who is the perfect balance between gay n goth oh and sometimes 1/3 stripper? xD idk but it maybe cute what they wear, but being emo or scene is not the best label to be under life or personality wise D: just an opinion :I

Preps aren't deuschbags? Holy shit I had no clue! Hmm let's see: Preps=deuschbags Skaters=drugees Emo= gay/bi Nerds=smart never getting laid Can any1 else think of anything else?

WELL SAID 43! i love guys, emo or gay. i love them no matter wat and we all shud same goes for girls! love people for who they are! "daddy" was being rude and i wonder how he would like it if someone said that to him!

Hey 73, grow the **** up and don't assume you know someone because of the bands they like. That is all.

missymay993 11

152- I think goth guys can look pretty hot, but I may jut be thinking of Voltaire...

Being emo is different than being goth.

Guys should wear whatever the F they want to wear. Just like everyone should. Deal. With. It.

hannahcorrine 0

Your dad is amazing lol just hope your bf doesnt cut him self now

She never said her boyfriend was the self harming emo follower.

No. You did. And you look like an idiot saying it.

^ I think the boyfriend will be doing the cutting

Dreamkiller51 5

226- I think I'll be doing your mom again!!!

X030X 0

It was cool but is wasn't caps-lock worthy.

Did your boyfriend go home and right a whiny song about it?

He probably went home and listened to Linkin Park while ranting on the internet about unfair life is.

hannahcorrine 0

Hahaha number 4, you're amazing for saying that.

You mean write? Yes, he probably went home to write a whiny song about it

Wow, I did say "right" instead of "write", my bad. Well I got more drinking to do and I'm sure you have to get back to editing FML comments. Good day.

19, Emos/Scenes don't listen to Linkin Park. Where did you hear that from? They listen to ____core.

imcutefml 0

64 is right somewhat most of them listen to trivium slayer behemoth shadows fall slipknot atreyu stuff along those lines....

FYLDeep 25

How are you that wrong? Metalheads would be listening to Slayer or Behemoth. Shadows Fall and Atreyu fit the metalcore label. Slipknot is nu-metal, and Trivium just sucks. None of those bands are emo. Emo people listen to bands like Tokio Hotel and stuff. Then you've got scene kids listening to really ******* bad stuff like BrokeNCYDE and Blood on the Dance Floor. (That's not all scene kids though. Some listen to bands like Bring Me the Horizon or Job for a Cowboy, which aren't terrible.)

I like how 75 tried to get emo cred by namedropping "hard core" bands and then 91 totally shut her down.

75 is wrong, 91 is right. And, the only reason I put ____core is because they listen to a wide variety of music in the "Core" category. Some like post-hardcore and metalcore, crunkcore and nintendocore (lol), and the ones that like the brutal stuff like deathcore or grindcore. And then you have the ones that like Tokio Hotel, Black Veil Brides and BrokeNCYDE. Scenes usually follow the scene looking bands, while emos.. Well, they just enjoy their music, and there's nothing wrong with that.

emilieee_fml 0

Im an emo kid, nonconforming as can be, youd be nonconforming too if you looked just like me. Ive got paint on my nails and make up on my face, im almost emo enough to start shaveing my legs!!

bitchslapped22 14

**** you, 19, Linkin Park is ******* awesome, and they are a punk-rock-rap type, not emo you dumbass. Good day to you

mandihbew 0

What? I love linkin park, and I'm as far away from emo as can be -_-

Snowstar 0

64- Thank you for setting that straight. Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands of all time. 8D

HEY HEY.. Linkin park isn't for just for Emos... their new stuff sucks but old stuff is still good. Pick on Madina lake.

Llama_Face89 33

186- Well their music is kinda emo. Dont get me wrong, i love Linkin Park as well (Hybrid Thoery and Meteora, not big on the others) but moste of their songs are pretty emo. Don't have to be an emo kid to listen to that type of music. Except Green Day. **** Green Day.

Once again if you use fml don't start hating on emos or any type of music XD

Llama_Face89 33

298- why not? I've yet to see it in the rules or whatever.

griffins33 4

We don't listen to whinny songs asshole

Lichinamo 33

@91: I'm only commenting on this because you mentioneed one of my favorite bands, Blood On The Dance Floor. It's an amazing band and I appreciate them for their music. Most of my friends do not like them. I refuse to label myself because I'm not Emo or Goth or anything like that, I'm just... me.

Over a year late to this, but emo can be pretty cool, especially the fourth wave stuff like Old Gray, Dads, and The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. Linkin Park is nowhere close to being remotely emo. Emo can be slow and melodic or closer to hardcore but usually it's pretty good. and most emo kids don't cut themselves. And to the person above me, BOTDF is absolute crap and the singer is a horrible person and a pedophile. Last year at warped I had to endure their set so I could see Taking Back Sunday immediately after and most of the crowd booed when they came on. Their music was trash.

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#58 Emo guys are now considered men with no penises?

2ndSucks 15

Mostly because their pants look too tight to fit it in there.

btstig 11

Shouldn't have even commented. Your picture and Bio have everything to do with this FML.

Yeah and you're not even sticking up for your cause! *chants "traitor traitor"*

Poor guy! Haha there's nothing wrong with emo. Although I think the dad is brilliant :P

agreed. I'm so annoyed for people stereotyping emo already.

2ndSucks 15

Emo is a type of music, actually. And the majority of it sounds pretty friggin great. Not gross at all.