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Today, my son had to help out at the local retirement home for his community service. He got in serious trouble and came whining to me about it after he tried threatening some of the residents into taking part in a Harlem Shake video. FML
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  tjv3  |  10

Umm he sounds like a terrible person. Sounds like you either didn't teach him respect for elders? If you did then he is just a bad person who needs to learn respect

  Damian95  |  16

You have to admit a lot of FMLs lately have been about old people doing and saying ridiculous things. But I wouldn't take it as far as to say they are taking over.

  MissyMiss5  |  13

Umm they've lived their lives and have paid their dues so really it's their world we are just part of it! Look at Betty White for example finally getting old people to "fight" back! Go old people! :)

  \  |  28

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  \  |  28

There was a meme that featured someone from Everybody Loves Raymond saying that...

By  DocBastard  |  38

Your son is a delinquent and needs to have the shit beaten out of him.

I nominate the old folks. Give them each a turn beating him with their canes and walkers, and we'll see if he fucks with them again.