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By  tranced_  |  44

Knowing that he is a priest, what else did you really expect from him? You shouldn't let it affect yourself because I don't think he is going to go out of his way to understand you better.. May your demons remain intact!

By  Spiritbird  |  17

Tell him to pray for your anal muscles, cuz once the 'demon' gets in, the 'gateway' gonna stay open for the rest of your life leading to escape of umm...'evil dirty creatures'.

  Suaria  |  37

Coming out is not seeking attention. It is simply letting other people know you are not straight. Plus when people in general talk about who they are dating or interested, you could say that is a form of coming out. In that case, most people including straight people come out.

  Lisa Raible  |  7

A spoiled brat? So he just up and decided to say he's gay to stir up trouble? I doubt it... it's not unheard of to a daughter/son to come tell their parent/s they're gay... You much be delusional to thing this was just a ruse...