By Fuck you, Dad. Fuck you. - 19/06/2014 21:05 - Sweden - Sundbyberg

Today, I asked my dad if he'd like to see the photos of my wedding, which he didn't bother to come to. Reply: "What the fuck, are you gay or something? Keep that homo stuff to yourself." My wife started laughing so hard she was crying. FML
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At least your wife found it funny :) congratulations on your wedding!

And the award for the best father goes to.


At least your wife found it funny :) congratulations on your wedding!

I read this wrong and thought the father called OP's wife a man and she started crying... Then I saw she was laughing... I think I need some more sleep.

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I hope your wife pissed herself...

Is that your fetish, 80? Otherwise, wtf.

So his comment would only be ok with you if he has that fetish?

Nice to know that OP's Dad would accept him if he was gay -_-

But if he had said yes he would have to punch a baby animal to recover his manly ness!

And the award for the best father goes to.

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Well if you insist... I guess I'll accept this award!

It's just not some people's thing. If he went to the wedding he probably would have made a big scene, including calling his son gay. So it's probably best he didn't. And congratulations OP!

I don't think he would have called him gay. He seems to have meant that he feels that wanting to show wedding photos is feminine.

Well that sucks, but at least your wife gets along with your parents!

How does this imply she gets along with his parents. This sounds more like her laughing at the fathers stupidity.

It sounds like she was laughing with the dad, not at him.

Dont even bother to get his attention. He clearly doesnt want to be a part of your family, so leave him out of it. No one likes a douche-dad

Or maybe like most men he hates looking at pictures especially if he was there in the first place.

Except OP clearly states he wasn't there.

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#56 please reread the FML. OP clearly says his father didn't bother to come to his wedding.

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I wonder how your father feels about HIS wedding photos.

WTF? Feelings? That shit just ain't right? Keep these sort of comments to yourself.

I heard the dad didn't want to see those either. He thought it would be too "gay" to see pictures of himself tying the knot with his lady.

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Maybe dad is gay and was just projecting a little too much.

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Because guys have no desire to pose for pictures. They have an even less desire to look at pictures other guys posed for.

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If he didn't come to the wedding, why would you think he would want to see the pictures?

Some people like to share that kind of thing with their family.

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ckcknight 13

Some people yes, but the OP said he didn't bother to go, not that he couldn't go, so he obviously isn't one of those people.

Completely honestly, not trying to be a persistent asshole here, just don't get why my comment got moderated (or, rather, should probably have phrased it better): what I meant was that the dad in this FML is attacking his kid and calling his wedding photos "**** stuff" out of the blue, and this odd nervousness makes it seem like he's being defensive and compensating, with something specific. I may be wrong. Anyhow, definitely did not mean to offend anyone.