By Anonymous - 29/10/2011 07:43 - United States

Today, I tried sneaking over to my girlfriends house to be romantic and knocked on her window. She went and got her mother to see who was at the window. FML
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you could of been a creeper. how could she have known? thats why she sacraficed her mother instead.

You should run...


You should run...

You should run home and post about it on Fml. Oh, you took my advice, I see.

His face was probably like #1s picture.

Yes I do believe it was

Try to find a more bright GF or stop whining..

Don't move. She won't be able to see you if you don't move :)

You know what's even more romantic? A DOOR.

Her mom probably didn't find it that romantic...

You know what they say.. "what a drunk man says when drunk is what he's thinking in his mind when sober"

No one was drunk. Where do you get that from?

Next time just knock on the front door...

Try the boombox over your head trick next. If she calls the cops, I think you should just leave her house.


24 - I've been singing 'what is love' for the past two hours thanks to you.

Next time the OP should read over the post before they send it.


Surely "Romance" is his middle name.

What a scared little girl.

Hell yeah! Around Halloween time, he could have been Freddy! (:

That's Michael Myers. Not Freddy.

I'm watching Halloween right now

you could of been a creeper. how could she have known? thats why she sacraficed her mother instead.

Or turn on a light and look outside...

Text her before you try to do that again. Add a bunch of

..."less than threes" to keep it romantic and classy though.

I suppose just a "I seeeee yooooou" won't do the trick.

This stuff was romantic before the invention of mobile phones.

Haha. Some people are old fashioned

It still is..isnt it?

Well how was she meant to know it was you

And that's when you run before mom gets you with her shotgun

Creepy bastard.

surprising your gf is creepy?