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Today, I came out of the closet. Now whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere with my dad he says, "Lesgo, lesbo." FML
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lolita88_fml 27

I like your dad, he seems to have a sense of humor.

At least he's not making it worse than that


At least he's not making it worse than that

Agreed. Parents have reacted ALOT worse about their kids coming out.

\ 28

Although if they're a certain age when they do, the parents are legally sound to kick them out of the house.

Legally, yes. But **** you if you do that (not directed at any specific individual).

LMFAO!! What are the odds of meeting same person on two different apps.

Well #85, even though your question is extremely irrelevant, I will answer it. A way to figure out the odds of meeting the same person on two different apps can be figured out with the formula 1:X, where "X" represents the number of people who downloaded one app plus the number of people who downloaded another, then dividing the sum of the humans by two, then adding the amount of people who have iOS devices which are capable of having both apps. To 1. There you go.

ya, at least he isn't saying "get off my lawn, demon spawn". some people are like that.

lolita88_fml 27

I like your dad, he seems to have a sense of humor.

Ye@n of all the ways he could have taken the news, treating it with a sense of humour is probably the best you can ask for. I'm just waiting for the FML when he starts pointing out attractive women in the street toi you and asking if they can be his future daughter-in-laws.

True, now they have something in common and play for the same team! You can give each other advice on how to pick up girls

Reminds me of the gay j***** guy whose mother keeps inviting nice j***** girls round to dinner. His boyfriends asks "Why not just tell her that you're gay?" "That's no good - she'll just start bringing home nice j***** boys".

ah yes, #127. my mom took it like that. she invited my crush over for dinner. fml.

Lucky you're not a guy ! "Pack your bag, fag " Glad he took it well (:

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lolita88_fml 27

How? I don't see anything offensive about that, he's playing.

spacedragon 4

Some people will just get offended at anything

lolita88_fml 27

#12 - ain't that the unfortunate truth..

Yeah. What a total drag it is to have a father with a sense of humour.

I have to say, I agree with #5. The word "lesbo" could be taken as a derogatory slang term for lesbian. In this case, I believe the father meant it in good humour but I wouldn't want that word to be just thrown around a if it's not associated as some sort of put down. One time said-- it could be funny but if that's the way the dad continues to address his daughter? Nah!

Well, not everyone has to take it to offsense. The OP may think it's funny, you don't know. My best friend is gay and I make jokes about it all the time when I talk to him, and he jokes along with it.

Probably because that's his defense mechanism of dealing with your jokes and others like you. "You gotta laugh when you're the joke." Is him being gay really that funny to you? I also have many many friends that are gay. It can be funny. . . until it's NOT! :P

YourDrunkle 4

So instead of focusing in the fact that he is clearly not upset about the fact that his daughter came out of the closet, let's focus on how he jokingly jeers her... I take it your parents never joked with you, or hugged you for that matter...

Sometimes using a derogatory word is a way to make it seem not that bad, as long as it is only a joke. One of my friends is gay & I call him my little fag, he knows it's a joke & he would tell me if he was offended but he laughs at it. I don't see anything wrong with gentle teasing in a joking way with people you love.

I really dislike when people get offended on other people's behalfs. As a gay woman, I can honestly say I would find it funny if my dad did this, not upsetting.

bfsd42 20

Enslaved, when you take such offense to a light-hearted joke, you are really just helping to keep hatred of gays alive. When people can laugh at such comments, it is a sign that things are changing for the better. People who accept others for who they are make joking comments about a lot of things to them, usually none of which would be found offensive.

#83, to each their own. If you're okay with being called a "lesbo" more power to you. I'm defending the ones that aren't. I sometimes get offended because it can be offensive. I wouldn't want any negative labels put on myself nor would sit back and expect anyone to have to put up with it. That is the reason many lie to others and theirselves about their sexuality and remain "in the closet" because of fear. If you're gay you're gay. I wouldn't poke fun at whom you are. This was my point. #91 bfss42 (btw I have always enjoyed your past comments and respect your opinion) I see your point. Light hearted jokes here and there, are fine. (come on, I have a sense of humour.) There just comes a point when it should no longer be considered funny. I'm not trying to keep the hate alive. I just know too many people that pretend to laugh along-- just so they don't cry.

RedPillSucks 31

I absolutely agree with enslaved. Saying it once or twice might seem light hearted, but OP implies he's doing it every time. After a while it's no longer funny.

All fun dads tease their kids. And all dads find a joke they think is hilarious and use it until it's long dead (like me being in my 30s and my dad still honks to scare me when I walk by the car). My name means female sheep. Growing up, my dad would "baa" at me and buy me sheep related gifts. I went away for a month when I was 16; he bought me a coffee cup with sheep all the way around, except in one spot, that said "Missing Ewe". He laughed and laughed when he gave it to me. I thought it was sweet. So long as he still shows you love in other ways, OP, take the jokes as good-natured ribbing and nothing more. You just made it over a big hurdle in life, no reason to stress your relationship over a joke.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Enslaved- I think you missed the point. By always defending groups without even asking them if they want you to it can actually be offensive to that group. It can come across like you think we need help and can't speak up ourselves. When someone gets "offended" by something the group itself doesn't find offensive as a whole... Can you see where it would get annoying. Not only are we faced with what people think but we get people thinking inaccurate things because of social justice squeaky wheels. If you aren't part of a group- ask them first before campaigning over pointless things and ignoring real issues.

What? Okay so I'm not gay but believe in equal gay rights. Are you saying I can't voice my opinion because I'm not homosexual? Fine I'll now keep my mouth shut. . . Except for those that can't speak for themselves and do appreciate my support. I just guess this isn't the place to do it.

I think it's funny that #105 is implying Enslaved should ask the entire gay community before having an opinion of her own. "Because you're not black, you can't have an opinion on racial/ civil rights." Most people here laugh, but for all we know, OP could genuinely feel distressed about her father's constant teasing, hence the FML.

Just throwing it out there as someone who falls under lgbtq, I appreciate your comments Enslaved. If a family member was doing this to me, it would grate on me eventually and while i wouldn't necessarily be offended, it'd be annoying. Just like a lot of gay jokes are annoying. Thankfully I'm not out yet so I don't have to deal with that shit.

Twonty2 6

I see what you're saying. It was a joke, but a little insensitive if OP was just getting used to people knowing. Kind've like a "too soon" joke.

Twonty2 6

#108 I feel like you're being a bit dramatic.

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nattynatters 14

I know it's hurting your feelings but at least he's trying to accept you with humor? You really should talk to him before it becomes a permenant thing. I know some people who wish their parent respond this "positively."

It seems like he's trying to make light if the situation and not make it a big deal? But I don't know your dad so I could be wrong.

davikiin 6

If that is the worst thing you have to face, you should give that man a hug every time he says it, and tell him you love him. It sounds like he is being accepting and trying to show it.

if he can make jokes about it he isn't taking the news too hard. Be glad you have a dad who accepts you for who you are, there are a lot of people who don't. Have a little sense of humor ;)