By HeIsKindaRightTho - United States - Houghton
Today, I video-chatted with my mom and showed her my new, very short haircut. My dad walked in, took one look at me and said, "I can only attribute this to penis envy," and walked out again. FML
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#9 you're wrong...#1 used your correctly

  MasterTron  |  24

For those of you saying #1 is using the wrong your, you're wrong. Stop and say #1s post out loud, either you're (the contraction of you are) haircut vs either your haircut. If you think about it is silly to say either you are haircut (you're)

  junkman6  |  22

Reading this chain of comments makes me think of Denis Leary's I'm an asshole. "Sometimes I just want to have fun at someone else's expense!"

By  meegal  |  12

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  cjwayy  |  22

Short hairstyles can be difficult. Either you pull them off or you don't. I had short hair for awhile and it looked pretty good but I'm growing it out because it was hard to style. But personally, I think girls with short yet feminine hair are super sexy.

  meegal  |  12

Holy shit I got thumbed down a lot... I really did not mean to offend people. I am so sorry for anyone who thought my comment was an insult. I even said that OP can do whatever she wants with her hair because it's HER hair, not her FATHER'S hair. All I did was state a preference I have. I didn't say that they're ugly, all I did was say I usually like girls with longer hair. I'm sure you looked beautiful with short hair. And i'm sure that OP does too.

  cjwayy  |  22

You didn't offend me at all! I understand that's just your preference and there's nothing wrong with that. Like I actually have a preference for brunettes over other hair colors but that could offend people I guess lol

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

7, I think that's pretty common for males to like long hair on women, at least all the guys I know prefer long hair. However lots of women like short hair or guy styles because it's often easier to wash and style. I personally would love to chop all mine off but I don't feel I could pull it off, plus I'm pretty sure id hate it after a month and growing it out again really sucks cause you hit awkward phases where it doesn't look too good and looks like it needs to be cut.

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

I think you have to have a certain facial structure to pull it off honestly. It just depends on the person. Some women, like myself, looks awkward with really long hair. Chin length has always suited me.

By  fuckdepression  |  13

When I first cut my hair short, my dad told me that I looked like a "very gay boy". I think they believe that they're obligated to say something rude when their daughters cut their hair. He'll come around though. Mine did.

  peacheso  |  31

Why is everyone being so hard on OPs father and fathers in general? It was an obvious joke. I have short hair and everybody loves it, including my father.

  cristy91  |  33

I told my dad I was *thinking* about doing it and he said I might as well get a tattoo over my face because I would be trash anyway. Since you had a good experience with your dad you see it as a joke, but for those of us with shitty ones we take it negatively. Just a matter of interpretation tbh

  lenehey  |  7

Google it. It refers to a long-dicredited theory by Sigmund Freud thats says, essentially, the reason some women cannot relate well with men, or act in certain ways, is because the subconsciously envy men for having penises.

  Ianamis  |  6

It is a old psychological term that dates back to Sigmund Freud his belief that all women wanted penises and all men wanted to fuck their mothers.

  LexSwift  |  17

I believe it was Carl Jung, not Sigmund Freud, that proposed Penis Envy in the Electra Complex. Freud proposed the Oedipus Complex. (It's been a few months since my psychology class, so I could be completely butchering all this.)

By  iamatoadkisser  |  15

My dad (a father of four girls and no boys at the time) kept happily saying "I have a boy now!" When I cut my really short. He honestly though hated my short hair cut but everyone else loved it and said I looked great.. I guess this just my long way of saying "Don't take to personal. Some guys just prefer long hair on girls."