By not gay in AL - 11/05/2014 17:57 - United States

Today, my dad seemed moody, so to lift his spirits, I told him I loved him. He just snorted, "You gay or something, boy?" Really mature, dad, really mature. FML
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No humor like dad humor

If he thinks it's gay for a son to love his father, he either had a bad childhood or he's got some backwards-ass way of thinking.


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No humor like dad humor

#2 - No homo-r like dad homo-r

I don't think men tend to pms

Actually they do it occurs in some middle aged men it's called "Irritable male syndrome"

22: I highly doubt that occurs after a man goes through his period...

threer 30

PMS=Premenstrual Syndrome. How can men have premenstrual syndrome if they don't menstruate? IMS is a way different thing.

yeah IMS is just a guy having a really bad day. don't try to put some stupid medical name to it. if there was a cause I.E. estrogen put into his diet then I digress... however most men dont have any issues like this. unless they just somehow grow ovaries. which would be strange indeed.

He was probably embarrassed that you noticed he was feeling down, and reacted defensively to save his ego. Good for you for at least trying to make him feel better.

Good point. The make ego is such a fragile thing.

If he thinks it's gay for a son to love his father, he either had a bad childhood or he's got some backwards-ass way of thinking.

I think you mean "bass-ackwards".

His spirits weren't the only thing you lifted ;D

Why vote me down? Sheesh, I was just trying to raise some spirits!

Do you even "lift" bro?


So I have a question. I made a pun (Yes I know it was cheesy) , and it gets downvoted completely. But then some guy comments with "You an idiot or something, boy?" , the most bland and unoriginal insult I think I've ever heard on this site, yet it get's dozens of likes. Yeah, sounds like the FML community alright.

threer 30

Your little ";D" pissed me off. Positivity pisses me off. Positivity pisses the FML community off. Stop getting butthurt, his comment was funny, less stupid than your comment, and relative to the FML. Shoo, fly.

"relative to the FML" , His comment was in NO WAY relative to the fml.

its not funny, deal with it, move on, live! it aint a dik so dont take it so far up your arse

it's definitely relative, he made a reference to the "you gay or something boy?" comment in the fml

love you dad, no homo. some dads are really bad with affection. He probably said that because he's too embarrassed to say "I love you too", its an older person thing.

It must be. Whenever I tell my dad I love him, he just says "that's nice."

My dad likes chocolate to make him less pissy. Try that or other food he likes haha

So those Snicker's ads are true?

Steak.. Bacon.. Steak wrapped in bacon..

don't forget chicken, chicken is always good... pet the chicken...

He needs a man cave

A very deep mancave.

Then we shall journey to the Centre of the earth!!!!

Men and "I love you" just don't mix, you know.