By exiledliscense - 09/11/2011 19:18 - United States

Today, my dad made me quit my online school classes and go back to public school, because apparently when I'm on the computer, it makes his video games lag. FML
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You can't play games with lag you have to understand his complaint.

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Well you can't blame him, modern warfare 3 just came out.


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Well you can't blame him, modern warfare 3 just came out.

Ye...and also battlefield 3

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I just got it :)

And also something something 3 . Lul

i knew someone would say something about MW3

Arkham City anyone?

Graphics are amazing!!! :)

Personally, I'm waiting for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. Anyone else?

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I wouldnt waste $60 for a MW2 DLC. I would get BF3 though I have it the remastered halo skyrim or something worth the money

I know I'm going to get downvoted if I say something bad about Call of Duty, but I don't give a shit. CoD is ruining the first person shooter genre and video games in general. They're basically putting out an expansion pack for CoD4 every year. I think it's on CoD4.75 now. I know all the little 12 year olds are going to say "but CoD is the best series ever!". To that, I say, "no, just no".

Can you try to put together a sentence that a normal human is able to comprehend? Thanks.

I did, you're just not normal, you're a jackass. A flourishing breed of humans, mostly found in their native habitat, the interner.

Thank God for the edit button!

I can't really find the right words to say that show how much I agree with 122. So I'll just stick with, 122 you're my hero.

Video game nerds as far as the eye can see...

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Battlefield was a major disappointment.. MW3, not so much. The Elite service is amazing.

BF3 is definetely not a disappointment. Elite isn't amazing, it even crashed because of all the users trying to log in. Battlefield is a much better series with better multiplayer, which is what FPSs focus on anyway. I tried to play MW3 and quit becuase of the lack of jets, and vehicles in general. Both games have pretty bad campaigns, I just thought BF's was a little better because of all the cinematic scenes (first and last "missions")

U know nothing about video games shut up.............

Battlefield and CoD both suck. Viva Piñata anybody?

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Two companies make the CoD games: Treyarch and IW. They take turns every other year on the games... So it might not have taken less than a year to make. I do agree on it looking similar to MW2, though. I personally like the story, and MP is fun to play as well. I couldnt get used to BF3 because ive played CoD too much to adjust. But, to each their own. :)

160-I say something bad about CoD so you say I know nothing about video games? I've been playing video games ever since I was 3 or 4, and I am now learning programming. Who knows nothing about video games? I think the answer is you.

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As much as I somewhat agree with that, the other top shooters are pretty much the same way. Look at Halo for example (great game). Since Halo 2, the biggest contrubution to Halo was Forge mode, which was a massive addition. But it's pretty much the same game every time. Same for Gears and Call of Duty, although I am really getting sick of Activision throwing out the new CoD games every year but yet us as consumer buy it every time a new one comes out, and Activision knows they can make a lot of money throwing out the same game every November. So it is the Publisher's fault or the consumers' fault?

182- I gave u a thumbs up not because of your comment, but because your pic is amazing.

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Ha, Cod. The most overrated game in history. It's funny how you pay for the same game in a different cover every year.

Haters gonna hate.

All you battlefield fan boys are all the same, just because mw3 attracts more fans because it's easier to play and actually has a fun online experience doesn't mean you bffb (battelfield fan boys) have to bash it. Seriously

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Yes sir! Huge Halo fan boy right here. (with the exception of disliking Reach multiplayer.)

#122: "i'm going to get downvoted..." +7. and why isnt the OP in a public school anyway?

CoD is for boys. BF is for men.

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and what's wrong with being a nerd?

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I don't have battlefield 3 because I didn't really want it. I've been playing CoD since the very first one and haven't stopped buying them since. Could we all not be douchebags and chill with our fucking console already? Jesus...

Battlefield > Call of Duty Now, before anyone says otherwise, here are the games of the series I have played: Battlefield 2 (including Special Forces expansion), BF 2142 (including Northern Strike expansion), BF:BC2, BF3 Call of Duty 3, CoD:WaW, CoD:MW, CoD: MW2, CoD:BO Even though I played more of CoD, I still find that BF is better because CoD is just repetitive. Look at CoD, every one of CoD games in multiplayer is exactly the same except for weapons, perks, kill streaks and maps. It's still a "run, shoot, kill/death, repeat" cycle. The only thing that was different and significant was the Nazi Zombies mode. All the other game modes are still the same. There are still weapons that are overpowered. I'm not going to get into the campaign mode. Overall, this is a Solo-focused game where when something pops up, you shoot. Now look at BF, they ALL have vehicles which may be a bit annoying at times, but they're all easy to take care of with little to no effort. They all have more of a "teamwork" focus on all games, which means that it's not "run, shoot, kill/death, repeat" all the time. In fact, it's better to revive/heal/supply/repair someone for even more points (Assualt/Medic class FTW). In BF2142, the game introduced the "Titan" mode, in BF:BC2, there was "Rush" mode. There may not have a too big of a variety of modes, but that is all they need. The maps are nicely done where "x" is best used at location "y", the weapons and perks are quite similar. Graphics and gameplay are different in comparison between BF2 and BF3. Most things are well balanced (*cough* BF2 G36E Medic class *cough*). Overall, this is a Team-based game where you have to work together and coordinate attacks. tl;dr: Battlefield better than CoD because of a more dynamic gameplay.

I disagree, there were never dedicated servers on cod4 or mw2 and not to be a complete asshole, but bf3 is a poor mans call of duty, truth be told. Vehicles? Which game came out first? Yeah bf3 is a good game in the eyes of the guy who continually gets smacked by the m16 or p90 in cod4. Or the ump and acr in mw2. Almost being prestiged in mw3 after on a few days of playing I have to say all the guns are actually fair everything is evened out. Bf3 and mw3 are only comparable in a few ways truth be told. Campaigns, multiplayer. They have both, and they're both first person shooters, call of duty never started with putting vehicles to drive in or to shoot someone down in while you're in a jet. Because that is ridiculous and takes absolutely no skill. Now if that's your thing then I don't blame you, it's a great game really. But you must understand these 2 games are what they are for a reason, every games enhancements are usually requests from the public therefore, bf3 users got what they wanted in bf3. And mw3 users got what they wanted too. It's all personal preference, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but you're talking shit on one of the absolute best first person shooters ever? I'm confused.

Actually, Battlefield 1942 came out before the first Call of Duty game came out. So your "which game came first" argument backfired. And if you want to talk about "skill," calling in a nuke requires none. Of the BF games I've played (2, 2142, BC, BC2, H), BF2142 was the best.

Let's not degrade ourselves to the point of arguing over video games. Just play the damn thing and shut the fuck up.

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call of duty, halo and battlefield suck be a real man and play sims

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Oh yea

to many cod-fanboys in this site :P

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He has the all the right MW3 is much more important

I have the original for Xbox and I gots #2

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No mention of Skyward Sword? I know I'm late, but these games came out around the same time.

You can't play games with lag you have to understand his complaint.

Excuse for walmart connection

Don't be so selfish. :3

^african connection.

Hide his controller right before you leave. Better yet, take it with you so he has no chance of finding it.

Better yet still, light the house on fire. Then no one will be happy. Problem solved.

Or, you can change his PSN/Gamertag password. Record the reaction and put it on YouTube.

Worlds biggest freakout DAD EDITION!

Wtf? Go to public school it's good for ur communication skills. Just saying :)

Who needs communication skills when you have video games?? Smh.

Wow your a idiot. Education comes before games op doesn't need to understand his complait. U fail.

Reading sarcasm on the Internet seems to be tough for many.

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Nobody is being sarcastic...

Actually 8, through extensive testing I found out that K-Mart has the worst connection.

Actually 95 you fail. It was a joke/sarcasm something far beyond your reach of intellect.

I want to thumb up but it's at 69 don't want to ruin it xD

Well it's at 80 now so go ahead and like it ... :/

What's the speed limit of sex? 68 cuz at 69 u have to turn around.

Just in time for Skyrim

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Im sorry but the dad shouldnt make him quit just cause his video games lagg

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163 - to bad skyrim is single player.

Because they're all in inner cities

Start some downloads before you leave. Be sure to make him suffer with you.

Go to regular school

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what a novel idea!

Its a shame we can't see the whole message on that shirt : "Rawr, I ate this person's brain."

Gamer dad?... sweet

He's not in college and is already taking online classes? He needs to go outside and play...

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Everyone knows mw3 is more important than your kids education

SystemofaBlink41 27

That's like a law

more important than school or job. called off yesterday and today so I could play mw3... (: I am not ashamed lol

Your dum. School is more improtent than video games.

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It hasn't done much for you, though. ^

O haha ur very funny. O wait ur not.

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^ Still a dumbass :D

natashax21 5

Thanks, couldn't of done it without you;)

See how u commented nearly at the same time? That's obviosly ur ferns and u guys decided to comment together to mak ur point look better. Wel it dosnt. So gtfo.

c00lguy, shut the fuck up and go back to school. You need to also get your paranoia issues checked out.

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Ferns? Well that is impressive to use plants like that

LOL it was a joke tbh, why'd I get modded? Sorry ^ I was bored so I decided to make some stupid comments to see what would happen.

121, you get bitched at and moderated, that's what happens.

I see. Well I'll probably go troll on some other site, then.

53. Cleavage. That is all.

This sounds like it should be reversed.

LolMoqz 10

It was reversed twice

Actually it was reversed 7,654,126 times to be exact.

Also the red wings suck

^ best comment ever. Not because the Red Wings suck, I have no idea who they are, but because of the way I imagined you saying it. Just casually walking back into the room and saying that statement. If you didn't find what I said funny, then I guess you just had to be here. Inside my brain. Where the hilarity nonchalantly ensues.

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How the fuck do you not know who the red Wings are? I get not a lot of people like hockey, but everyone know who the Red Wings are. Btw Flyers and wingnuts suck. All about the sabres.

I'm British. I bet you don't know who QPR are.. Yeah, exactly. Sit your narrow minded self down.

158 I thought that Was funny what you have said

pie29302930 0

It's British, so it's obviously not that important to know lol. Großbritannien ist schlecht. Haha

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queens park rangers...biatch!! and im from africa

also WoW is quite popular...but maily amongst single guys...why?? the care about their lvl 80 pallys more than about sex ;)

When they reach 80 reality hits them that they screwed up in this life

The max level is 85, idiot

first of all, max lvl is 85 now, and WoW is popular because it is so amazing. besides i hate pallys... ;)

WOW keeping teen pregnancy down since 2000.

Furytalon 14

LVL cap is 85 and warrior is the way to go

But WoW came out in 04?

aeroliontvw 4

Don't know about all servers, but the ones I've seen women make up a good bit of the population as well. And yes it is 2004, they may be thinking Warcraft instead of wow.

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POPULAR! Not new, so STFU with all the 2004.

Leeeeeeeeeeeroyyyyyyyyy Jenkinsssssss!!!

#98 Yep, a surprising amount of women play online games. I play Guild Wars.

Who the fuck plays a pally anyway? Warrior is the way to go.

Troll dad much? Just kidding. I understand Mw3 just came out, but seriously? Video games before education? Fyl...

MW3 for lifeeeee

Regular school sucks. I feel for you.

No it doesn't, only in The USA it does, everywhere else public schools are excellent. At least where I'm from...

It doesn't really matter where you're from. It depends on the people and your teachers. It's an opinion. Obviously OP doesn't like the school they went to and neither do I.

We all know what's more important here...