By deviable - Canada
Today, my dad was putting seasoning salt into his mashed potatoes, when the lid came off and poured a ton of salt into the pot. My parents hate wasting food, so we still had to eat it. I think my taste buds are broken. FML
deviable tells us more :
My dad is very sensitive about his cooking. If I'd refused he would have made my life harder for the next few days. I said I liked someone's steak a little better than his, and it was a year before he cooked another steak. We generally try not to hurt his feelings.
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  drawmesunshine  |  17

Salt isn't food in my book. He didn't have to stir it in. I would have scooped out what of the salt that I could and gone about my merry way.

FYL, OP, that sounds vile.


When I was a kid my dad used to say "eat ur food there r kids starving in Africa! And then one time I was trying to finish eating but I was stuffed and he said u don't have to eat it I said what about the kids in Africa! He said maybe u should stop eating and send them some! Asshole lol. (this is years apart)

  twinny_sc  |  13

Are you calling OP an idiot for eating the mashed potatoes or OP's dad an idiot for putting the salt in the potatoes. If it's the former, you fail. If it's the latter how does OP deserve it?