By deviable - 09/11/2011 17:32 - Canada

Today, my dad was putting seasoning salt into his mashed potatoes, when the lid came off and poured a ton of salt into the pot. My parents hate wasting food, so we still had to eat it. I think my taste buds are broken. FML
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deviable tells us more.

My dad is very sensitive about his cooking. If I'd refused he would have made my life harder for the next few days. I said I liked someone's steak a little better than his, and it was a year before he cooked another steak. We generally try not to hurt his feelings.

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saIty 17

Only one way to tell. Eat some Brussel sprouts and if they're amazing your taste buds are broken.

gabrielbaby 9

That's disgusting! I hate when that happens.


gabrielbaby 9

That's disgusting! I hate when that happens.

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This doesn't happen to me all that often but it definitely sounds pretty disgusting.

alexv4223 0

My parents did that but with something that was like wasabe

Damn_Hippster 11

43, A lot of people. It's the only way I eat mine.

KiddNYC1O 20

Ugh, I hate when people put mashed taters in my salt. I:

fthislyfe 22

Did you parents enjoy the food?

drawmesunshine 17

Salt isn't food in my book. He didn't have to stir it in. I would have scooped out what of the salt that I could and gone about my merry way. FYL, OP, that sounds vile.

Alex94xela 0

Why didn't they scoop out the part with a ton of salt?

ZombieLoveA 0

I put butter, salt and pepper. It gives it flavor.

CatPerson123 0

Maybe they didn't want mashed potato in their salt

^^Wouldnt let me edit. Sorry about that...meant to comment something else:'(

Now you can blame your father for all your heart problems in the future, due to extreme sodium intake.

Your taste buds were asSALTed. No? Ok, I'll go in my corner now.

Salt is good for you!! It helps you retain water!! ;)

^ yes because who DOESN'T love being bloated? I just love retaining water, lookin' all nice and plump. So sexy.

When I was a kid my dad used to say "eat ur food there r kids starving in Africa! And then one time I was trying to finish eating but I was stuffed and he said u don't have to eat it I said what about the kids in Africa! He said maybe u should stop eating and send them some! Asshole lol. (this is years apart)

96 - I noticed you started a quote but you didn't finish.

I did finish, finished in her face! Haha just joking :) but how often can u make a joke like that? Definitely frowned upon in school

Why is everyone such a ****** loser when someone spells something wrong by one letter or forgets to add a quote its not that big of a deal no ones perfect

149, I'm still telling my cool story, wait until I get to the chapter where you stfu

OP should have just added bacon hey #4?

KiddNYC1O 20

And popcorn chicken, and corn and gravy.

ReesesPuffs 0

No, bacon AND Reeses Puffs. Get it right.

ReesesPuffs 0

No, bacon AND Reeses Puffs. Get it right.

62 you made me really hungry.. I want KFC now.

Bacon bits are delicious on mashed potatoes.

TigerNicole 6

Am I the only one that read that in a clevlands voice?

saIty 17

Only one way to tell. Eat some Brussel sprouts and if they're amazing your taste buds are broken.

drawmesunshine 17

You're eating the wrong brussel sprouts. They are fantastic with a little butter and salt.

JinxosGirl87 0

Sprouts sauteed in butter is ah-mazing and totally unhealthy!

Don't worry OP, tastebuds will recover over an extended period of time!

chogle 8

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twinny_sc 13

Are you calling OP an idiot for eating the mashed potatoes or OP's dad an idiot for putting the salt in the potatoes. If it's the former, you fail. If it's the latter how does OP deserve it?

Chogle, let me **** with your health and then I will say you deserve it. Does that feel good you *******?

How is OP or their dad an idiot they had no idea the lid was loose dumbass.

heyimallison 0

and I thought my parents were bad..

chickenwalrus 14

same here. also, i just love the way this is worded.. "i think my taste buds are broken"

Dude my parents are devout Catholics. I'll take bad food over bad religion any day.

heyimallison 0

wrll i would hate to have over religious parents..

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

Would you like a heart attack with that?

choloman 0

maybe some kidney stones on the side.

Plug your nose and swallow it with water. That's what I did when my mom made me eat my veggies.

That's what I did when I WAS 5...nowadays my parents don't make me eat shit I don't want.

It was brussels sprouts to be exact. And yes I still think they are nasty as shit.

The more you eat them, you can actually develop a likeness for them. I've heard that anyway... I've always liked veggies.