By Anonymous - 28/06/2013 20:36 - Jordan - Amman

Today, my 12-year-old son played QWOP on my laptop. Half an hour later, he virtually destroyed it in a fit of rage. FML
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The controls of that game aren't very QWOPerative.

You deserved it, you should have known QWOP is a rage inducing game :)


You deserved it, you should have known QWOP is a rage inducing game :)

NEHI Never even heard of it.

It's the kind of game I can play for 60 seconds and then not touch for months.

"Eh!" - QWOP guy

Its an annoying as shit game where you try to get a guy to run 100 meters using the qwop keys

#26- I haven't touched it since I first tried it more than a year ago. that sh*t game made me pop my air filled plasic punching bag.

Virtually destroyed it? Disconnect from WiFi and it'll be fine then! .

Secret of QWOP, you crawl the full 100 meters! Takes time but it works X_X

That's amazing. XD I hate that game.

Ugh, I fucking hate that game! It just pisses you off to no end -_- Do not play it... ever

Destruction justified. If anything, I'm more impressed he lasted a half hour.

I had never heard of QWOP, so I Googled it and watched a rage quit video. Dear jebus, the CIA should incorporate it into their torture repertoire. "Everyone is a winner" my ass!

MilkyFilmz 26

Bring him to the therapist!

MilkyFilmz 26

Fucking fuckity fuck you qwop mother fucking piece of SHIT! D;

Oooooh you said a bad word! You kiss your mother with that fucking disgusting mouth?!

Stop fucking cursing.


Sorry about that guys. I was angry because I just played QWOP.

MilkyFilmz 26

Yes I do c:

MilkyFilmz 26

Thats why was mad =.=

WTF dude? T_T

It's QWOP. Hitler made that game. Why're you surprised?

Sorry, OP. Well, QWOP is a very rage inducing game though.

QWOP. Not even once.

I have no idea what that is but you should probably teach him respect of other peoples' belongings. not cool.

Play it and you'd be singing a different tune.

@ #9: That was my first thought as well, but after reading the comments I looked it up, and now I believe it was justifiable homicide.

Absolutely, 13. Play it and you'll think differently.

The controls of that game aren't very QWOPerative.

I applaud you, 10.