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Today, my 9 year-old daughter had really bad constipation. When I took her to the doctor, he had to 'break it up' with a gloved finger, and then he sent me home with directions on how to administer an enema. I do not recommend trying to give an enema to a kid that doesn't want one. FML
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CheekyRaccoon 27

You'd might want her to drink more water and have more fiber. I've heard soylent could do the trick. I wouldn't recommend green soylent though, because I've heard some bad stuff about it..

Ahh the joys of parenthood... But had you exhausted all other options? It's not really an ideal treatment type.


Ahh the joys of parenthood... But had you exhausted all other options? It's not really an ideal treatment type.

CheekyRaccoon 27

You'd might want her to drink more water and have more fiber. I've heard soylent could do the trick. I wouldn't recommend green soylent though, because I've heard some bad stuff about it..

Really? I've heard that it's great, and the taste even varies by person.

A spoonful of brown sugar is another one that works.

really? brown sugar.... that's a new one. maybe I'll try it one day. thanks for the tip!

Railroader 16

Pure cinnamon works wonders.

What my mom did was put me in a diaper so I could just keep going until I was able to poop, kinda strange but worked well.

Guess I'll cross that off my bucket list then

Agghhh...I cringed reading that. I hope you both got through that ok :/

xKrisSmoove 21

Your profile pic was my exact reaction to this post

She couldn't have taken a laxative instead? I would have definitely asked about other options instead of making my kid uncomfortable and violating their body like that. If she didn't want it, don't do it. Sure if it was the only way to help, explain that to her and maybe see if she could do the enema herself instead after some convincing. But only as a last resort. Consent is really important to teach to kids, and if you are forcing an enema on them, that really sends the wrong message and could damage your trust.

#10 do you really think a mother wouldn't have echausted all options, that a doctor wouldn't have? Serioulsy all the armchair parents here need to calm down.

Ali_Br_fml 33

I'll explain why she can't just take a laxative. Impacted poop is a serious thing. Laxitives won't help if you have a big chunk of poop blocking the way, nothing can get past it. Her problem isn't that she doesn't get the urge to go, or that the poop isn't flowing, it's just stuck behind a big chunk of poop that got stuck somewhere in her intestines or anus (sounds like it's closer to her anus than further up since the nurse was able to break some of it up with her gloved finger, but only some was able to be reached). The main problem is that the poop will get stuck behind that big chunk of poop and she'll have even more pain and get an infection, then probably have to get her intestines resected, then have to have an ostomy bag. (That's a clear bag that's coming from her abdomen area that poop goes into. You can't control it, it just goes. Public, while you're sleeping, while you're doing things. If you have to poop, it just comes out in that bag for life. That's a big adjustment, and really embarrassing for anyone, especially children. Children get teased for so much, and this will probably push her into a depression if she gets one.) The enema will help to soften the hard poop that's jamming up traffic so maybe she can get the poop to come out. Constipation is actually serious. Impaction is serious. If left untreated, you can die. Giving the enema is uncomfortable, but it will save her life. I can understand...after getting gloves stuck up your butt, what kid would want something else stuck up there? The mom's problem was that the kid probably wouldn't lay still, and it was impossible to do. It's not easy to hold someone down while giving them a enema by yourself, so I'm assuming she didn't get the job done, or made a mess while trying to do it. Either way, the child needs the enema, so the mom wasn't violating her child by doing that. It's far easier to do with consent, and probably near impossible to get done properly without hurting the child without consent (physically and emotionally). She can't NOT get the enema though. Either the mom does it, the child does it herself, or she has to bring her to a hospital to get it done every time. It's not a one time thing, she'll have to do it until the poop that's blocking the way gets soft enough and can all come out... The mom will need to explain to her how serious it is, and that she needs it done, but it must get done, and the child needs to allow it. (Forcing it can hurt her, but I'm not sure the mom was able to successfully force her anyway) I agree that the child should give consent, and that it can be traumatic, but you can't just let it sit. It can't be left untreated. (That's why you can't just get a laxative or just let it sit)

Ali_Br_fml 33

TLDR: A big chunk of dried up hard poop is blocking up traffic, so no poop can get by, so laxatives won't help. The enema will make the poop soft so it can be removed easier. The nurse was able to break up some of the poop, but her fingers can only reach so far. The enema needs to be done, but the kid needs to allow it too. Leaving it untreated can kill her, or make her have to wear an ostomy bag (external poop bag attached to the abdomen where you see all your poop and have to empty it) EDIT: I said nurse because usually nurses do it, but doctors can do it too. So that's my bad.

You know it's kind of sick making an enema on 9 year old sexual. Just sayin...

Thank you for explaining why she couldn't take a laxative. I understood why it was so serious, just not why they couldn't take less invasive measures to help. I was reacting emotionally to this FML because the image of forcing an enema on a 9 year old and breaking up the poo with a finger without consent really hit me hard. I realize now that I've taken a step back that it wouldn't be easy to convince the kid how serious it was and necessary, so I don't blame the mom for making her do it. I just hope they have some good conversations afterwards about why that had to happen. Also I was not making it sexual, I'm not sure where you got that from my comment.

my mom used to put suppositories up my bum because it works faster and is recommended for children here. I never liked it and I cried. But I don't have traumatic experiences from it. that's just exaggerated.

#17 that is really useful to know and interesting - thank you. #10 - I don't know why you got downvoted so much. I agree about the consent part - obviously sometimes this is not possible and we don't know the details, but it hit me too that the child didn't want it which could have been really awful.

Ali_Br_fml 33

I had a typo. I should have said *an* enema, not a enema... Typing long paragraphs on a phone makes me make errors.

Enemas suck dick. I know that from personal experience. Forcing a child to have one without exploring other possibilities is stupid. If she must have it to stay alive,atleast suggest going to the hospital and having her sedated

CliffyB03 28

A weird tip I found out from a friend is that if you can't go, drink a warm glass of water. Don't know why it works, but it does