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Today, at the supermarket, a man collapsed. I gave CPR while the cashier called for help. During this, the other patrons were complaining that no other register was open. Once the ambulance arrived, I returned to my cart to find items removed and 40 dollars taken from my purse. FML
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Lizza330 28

Well on the bright side you might've saved someone's life. :)


Report it to the police and if the store has cameras the thieves will undoubtedly get caught.

True. But i guess 40 dollars to save someones life isnt bad at all. Actually great. I guess some people are just like that :/ what are you gonna do?

Lizza330 28

Well on the bright side you might've saved someone's life. :)

Yea, but it would've been nice to be saved from the negative aspects of others as well.

plum_lovin 28

At least you came back to a purse...

Not necessarily. Most people who require CPR in a pre-hospital setting don't survive. Sorry to be a buzzkillington.


ACTUALLY, 93, CPR is generally what SAVES the people. If not for that helpful samaritan, most people's heart would quit long before any ambulance shows up. Don't spew shit if you don't have a damned clue what you're talking about. That comment right there, that you in all your ignorance posted, could make the difference in whether or not someone decides to stop and perform CPR. Idiot.

slimjim8094 12

Unfortunately he's right. But the reason he's right is because people don't generally get it early enough, so if you see someone go down push hard and fast in the center of their chest, at least 100 times a minute. (I am a CPR instructor)

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-6% of people who have a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital survive, if a bystander does CPR prior to EMS arriving. That is sadly, a pretty low number. I didn't say that OP shouldn't bother, just that they didn't necessarily save a life. They DID give that patient the only shot at survival they had, though, and that is to be commended. I'm not "spewing shit", "ignorant", or an "idiot", and I base that statement not only on statistics available to anyone who bothers to look it up, but on 20 years of experience in pre-hospital emergency medical response. And I didn't even have to call you nasty names.

Mortal Kombat voice: "#120 Wins! Flawless Victory!"


First, you say "most people who require CPR." Then, to try to make your point valid, you change it to "Most people who have cardiac arrest." There are more reasons than that that a person might require CPR. So no, sadly, there was not a flawless victory won.

Firstly well done OP, you gave that guy a shot at survival. Yes the survival rates are low but they drop significantly for every minute someone doesn't receive CPR, so bystander CPR can save lives it buys time for the paramedics to get there with the defib. As for many other reasons someone might require CPR, care to list them? Cardiac arrest is essentially the only indication for CPR.

pastispast 7
pastispast 7

my bad mis-read the fml..ppl ignore my comment .thanks

Isn't there a "remove comment" button for that?

25- There ain't, at least not on any app.

It cost you $40... It could have cost somebody their life. Focus on feeling good about your deed, fate will ensure that $40 gets back to you some other way :)

suboy 10

The supermarket should give her something.

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

The supermarket shouldn't be responsible for replacing the forty dollars. They should however cooperate with local law enforcement in finding the culprit. But a gift certificate to show their appreciation certainly wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility.

SenselessPattern 12

98 - Just...why...the I'll be confiscating your 'ellipses' and 'no's now. You can keep the 'just's as long as you promise to use them a bit more wisely in the future.

You should've gone a little "CPR" on the other patrons - **** Punch Rambo!

Karma's either a bitch or your friend, OP! You were a hero for your quick and selfless actions. You'll get your $40 back and then some when the time is right and you least expect it.

Wizardo 33

Don't worry OP, when those idiots are choking on karma no one is gonna help them. Revenge is asphyxiating.

Only the worst in humanity find an opportunity to steal no matter what. Hope they get hit by a bus.

I always thought the worst are murderers...but everyone has their own opinions.

crazytwinsmom 25

The worst are child molesters. Even murderers look down on them in prison.

I still think Jerry Sandusky should be given the death penalty. But at least he has to live the rest of his life knowing everyone thinks he is the scum of the earth. Sorry for off topic

I don't think child molesters are the worst. They tend to have mental issues and never get the help they truly need, and carry the stigma around for the rest of their lives even if they do get the help.

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