By goodbye cruel world - 01/12/2012 01:28 - United States - Chula Vista

Today, my dad grounded me for two weeks for profusely swearing at my misbehaving laptop. After some arguing, he actually accepted my half-joking offer to play a game of CoD over it. His condition was that if I lost, my grounding period would double. We played. He kicked my ass. FML
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it sounds like your dad is either awesome, or needs to quite his job as a rat farmer.

Your username is "goodbye cruel world"? You brought this on yourself.


You must train!!

Noob. Owned by your parental? Tisk Tisk!

OP wont have much time for that while they are grounded, and even when they try to they will probably screen at the squeakers on CoD and get grounded again for yelling profanity at them, even though they swear every other word.

You must plane!!!

Dude... My parents own pretty hard in CoD


Should've picked a game that actually requires skill op

ozone9914 2

at least the op has a life

Just because he's not very good doesn't mean he has a life, and just because someone is good doesn't mean they don't.

Parents will do anything... Absolutely anything to prove themselves right or to win something. Never misjudge the power of parents

He can't. He's grounded ;)

Train you must... Young one

llZombiell 5

._. I can't tell. Does he or doesn't he have a life?

Train the starter! That's the key to the battle!

it sounds like your dad is either awesome, or needs to quite his job as a rat farmer.

That was hi-fucking-larious!

Or his dad is like a pro screen peeker noob!

mootoo31 6

Time for a rematch.

So he can either get quadruple the grounding, or go back to his original two week grounding.

it usually goes double or nothing, not double or only lose the original amount...

I know, but then again, the father basically has the say in it. The father could even add more time because he lost, which at first, is where I thought the FML was heading towards.

that is where it went...he doubled it...know you are just confusing me...

I meant he, the father, lost. I thought the father was going to lose and double the punishment anyways before I even finished reading the FML. That's usually how I see it go but instead, the father won and grounded him with a fair reason, instead of being the loser, and grounding him anyways just because he, the father, lost.

oooooh, okay! now it all makes sense, sorry for misunderstanding!

DarkHelmet 10

Your Dad beat you at CoD... Two things: your Dad is awesome and you got pwned

You have been defeated. Don't let this happen again!

The battled is lost. But the war is not over!

Well either you are terrible at COD or your dad is a god

nnnope 26

Or both.

A GoD? No? Okay...

At least he gave you a chance!

Op- you are no longer allowed to play xboc

#29, #6 is not OP. ... But you already knew that.

Or maybe, by choosing CoD, his dad set him up to be pawned.

Your half-jockingly done offer was taken seriously: YDI.

I think he meant dumb instead of done..

And I think he meant jokingly not jockingly.

Your username is "goodbye cruel world"? You brought this on yourself.

KalCountry76 11

If someone, especially your dad, accepts that kind of wager and bets like that, you should be scared.

loserboii 11

Let me guess, he survived through all the bullets you shot at him and he knifed you?

LMAO! This is what my son screams all during the game! Really pisses him off.