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  MasterAhmed  |  0

yea GG... and what about mom?

@ #27, dude that doesnt mean you can leave ur kids to walk 3hrs home from school while u have fun killing random ass named monsters in a fake world....

  hoff90  |  0

glad to see you play WoW or even try to fake playing, lol, necromancer isn't a class. As for OP, sad to see how he can't take a little bit of time to take care of his family.

  lil_cig  |  0

I play WoW myself, and i raid too. Even if i'm doing 25-man Ulduar, Toc10 or an other raid, family would always come first for me (I'd give 'em hell for it, but i'd still pick them up).

But then again, i'm DPS so i'm very easy to replace. If your dad was the MT, then maybe it would be a bit harder to leave.

By  dacho  |  7

You could've called a cab, he'd have to pay for it. But yea, since your nickname is stupid...
Oh, and besides that, if you didn't call him like few hours before, then YDI. He was doing SOMETHING HE PLANNED, and something HE PROBABLY PROMISED. He didn't want to abandon his friends. Wow, you people are so shallow when it comes to MMORPGs and games in generally. I mean, people on the other side of the screen are people, too :/

  troggy  |  0

The way I remember it, having a kid doesn't involve any promises or contracts. But WOW, that's what, fifteen bucks a month? Gotta get your money's worth.

  dacho  |  7

"He promised to raise her long before he promised to do this raid. "

"they are not permanent friends, and will forgive in 5 minutes. UNLIKE YOUR GODDAMN FAMILY"

Hahah, I like how you two KNOW that HE DID PROMISE and that he's NOT PLAYING WITH HIS RL friends, but some "random strangers" ='D

And I totally agree with #39. Exactly what I wanted to say, but better :D

  Exerci  |  0

Promising to raise her does not equal promise to turn her into a spoiled brat for whom everyone are willing to drop everything in their hands as soon as she asks. God knows I've seen too many of those while in high school and up.

  Arkajion  |  14

I'm a long-term MMORPG player. So first of all. People who commit and allocate a certain time span to people that they've possibly spent countless years bonding with are hard to let down. People that are highly inconsiderate of such players schedule deserve to be left doing things themselves. Raid progression is crucial in MMOs, so if you want to make the claim that we are all losers, I implore you to gather the tens of millions of people and tell them they are wasting their lives on efficient and effective entertainment systems while you can pay substantially and exponentially more to sit your ass on a damn couch screaming at an agglomeration of pixels. If you have not played or have any experience with a category of gameplay or video games in general. Shut the hell up. It's like a newborn saying lollipops are disgusting.