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Today, I took my girlfriend out for dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant for our one year anniversary. After giving her some roses, freshly baked cookies, and a thoughtful poem I wrote for her, she started laughing and asked for her real gift. FML
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What an ungrateful bitch. I wouldn't take that bullshit if I were you.

That's when you take the shit back, hand her a breadstick and tell her to wait in the ******* car while you enjoy your dinner.


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That's when you take the shit back, hand her a breadstick and tell her to wait in the ******* car while you enjoy your dinner.

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I ain't saying she a gold digger "BUT IM IN NEED"

#1, he doesn't have to give her anything. Gifts aren't an obligation towards an anniversary of dating.

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He already gave her the real gift, dumbass! Captain Obvious ruins the joke again!

I would of resonded to her, "Oh, your real gift? Well you get to pay the bill for tonight. Happy anniversary."

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22- I am! Bitch ain't nothin' but a gold digga..

Pull the good 'ol go to the bathroom and don't come back trick.

Tell her your gift is your time, and seeing as time=money and you've spent a year on her, that's a lot of money.

awww it was so romantic. OP's gf doesnt need a "real" gift. that one came from the heart, and if she didnt like it, she shouldnt get any gift

That's when OP takes a napkin, writes "You're single!" on it, gives it to her, and says "This is my gift to myself!"

I'm with number 1. That isn't s gift. Get her something useful, what would she do sit flowers.

Should've made her walk home. Or take the bus.

ask: "you're gift? it's tine for MY gift" then pull down your pants and demand a ******* in the middle of the restaurant

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This is why some girls are some real bitches, they say they want a sweet, romantic guy then would take a necklace over everything OP gave her.

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I kinda wanna punch her in the face... I wish my boyfriend would do that for me

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Hey keyman can I get the conversion ratio from time to money. Cause there is some people I spend time on and I need to cash in.

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If my boyfriend did all that, I would fall in love with him all over again. Your girlfriend is a selfish bitch. Obviously she is just with you for the money and the gifts. FYL man. Try finding a better girl.

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I thought that's what every girl wants in a guy and once they have that guy they want more

**** that noise son, OP's a class act and did good by her; besides, what'd she get him?

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Write that bitch a sonnet Bitches love sonnets

19 hit the nail on the head. I hope you got her meal in a doggy bag and ate it for lunch, after dumping the bitch.

some women get mad if you get them impersonal expensive gifts. some women get mad if you get them inexpensive personal gifts. either make sure you've got your girl down cold or give a mix of both.

I kinda wanna punch her in the face because it's bitches like these who take up all the decent guys and leave the douchebags for the rest of us.

What an ungrateful bitch. I wouldn't take that bullshit if I were you.

I couldn't edit so: what OP did was really thoughtful and sweet. I wish my ex had done half as much.

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I don't know why but good guys end up with bitches. Leaving us good girls alone :(

I'd love roses and a poem! What an ungrateful bitch.

some people Just want material objects and feel cheated if they don't get anything else

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Haha I got you a break up letter. It starts with *clears throat* 'you greedy bitch'.

Time for a new girlfriend leave that materialistic chic Alone... It will only get worst

I did just about the something for my ex gf on Sunday and she did the same thing, mate that's when you break up with them

You don't deserve her. Obviously you've never been a pimp.

Dump her, she's obviously NOT worth any of the things you did for her. None of the guys I've ever dated never even bought me one rose. Which is why they're all kicked to the curb. Find someone who will appreciate the romance. Don't waste anymore of your hard earned money on that slag.

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90- good guys r where u left em :P in the friend zone xP

Ya I kno im not a girl but I'd certainly take the cookies! Who doesn't love ******* cookies?

"Where's my real gift?" "where's my real girlfriend?"

Gold digger, time to move on down the road.

I would be so ecstatic to have some one write a poem for me and buy me flowers! Poetry is beautiful. She's a bitch.

She wanted a ring. Not necessarily spoiled.

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If she was really a gold digger, she would be wanting a "real" gift way sooner than a yr...

She may not be spoiled it's possible that she had spent alot of money on OP for the present she gave him so was expecting a "real" present back. Although roses and cookies are cute butthey aren't really something she can keep to remember the day.

SHE JUST WANTS UR DICK! And 108- ur ******* retarded. getting married is a huge decision which you dont do after only 1 year

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OP I am sorry that your gf is an idiot

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No. He took his girlfriend out to dinner.

pretty sure its op not literally, but if hes the one baking cookies...

#2 was inferring that op is like a girl.

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They both sound like stereotypical women to me.

I didn't know that being thoughtful meant you are a woman...

20- if my bf doesn't know how to bake a batch of cookies, I'm dumping his ass. and the rest of him too

#2.. Not sure if trolling..or just stupid..

Op just tell her ur present is to let her give u A ********, then she will write to FML

Actually, #77, #2 was *implying* that OP is a girl. You were inferring. #definitions

How is it even possible to read it as OP being the girlfriend? No matter how I read it, it always sounds the same. OP is quite obviously the boyfriend.

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Your picture describes my comment...

202- NEVER again should you hashtag on FML. This isn't twitter...

#2, a lot of ppl don't like ur comment LOL

#2: At least some of us understood your comment. I thumbed you up!

83, why be stereotypical for? If a chick can do it, why can't a guy. And the other way around? Sometimes I pray for humanity. This is one of those times.

wow assholes like you give guys a bad name. just because he is sweet doesn't mean he's girly if anything it shows incredible confidence .

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That's when you deep throat the ***** and ask if she likes that gift better.

#2 Lets be honest here, if your boyfriend bought you cookies, roses, and a poems, you'd be expecting a gift to back it all up...

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How does one message another? Yes I know irrelevant.. Go ahead and rage at me if you agree ... But lonely people need company also FML and FYL OP

By going to their profile and clicking "Send a private message."

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That's what I was thinking but I guess prob doesn't work on app, thanks

You'd better have a well paying job! Good luck lol

You probably thought this was a comment, nope Chuck Testa

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Mayne **** getting a job! Tell her you got a new lover and that's mw3! **** off bitchhhh!!

What a ******* greedy bitch! If that were me, I would just be fine with the Italian restaurant, but you still gave her more, OP. Plus, you didn't even have to do anything for her. She should be thankful you even remembered.

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You don't get it.. don't you?!! She must have some OTHER qualities..

**** and ass shouldn't rule a relationship if those are the qualities you are speaking of.

95, I don't get your sentence, "You do not get it.. Do not you?" what does that mean?

I guess he speaks fluent yoda, Other qualities, she must have, do not you think?

And that's when you whip out the pimp hand from behind your back and teach her a lesson on the importance of appreciation. :)

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Reminds me of the Boondocks in the episode a Pimp named Slickback lmao

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What a bitch .... She needs to learn to be more appreciative !