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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

51- why would you ever want to Come up with something cleaver??? If anything first spot should go to a clever response.
-__- and coming* sorry, not a grammar nazi but... C'mon...

  buckerado  |  19

Coach:"Trust me guys, no workout today."Linemen:"Ommm-nom-nom"Linemen later:"Oh God what did...*pukes*...deser...*heaves while running*¿Porqué?!!!!!!!

  wlddog  |  14

I think we just witnessed a full on brain fart that ended up being more of a shit stain. Poor 56. Someone get him some toilet paper before he ruins his hat.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

30, it amazes me that people don't realize it is extremely difficult to bbq in below freezing temperatures lol. I'm from Alaska. We got 4 months to BBQ and that was if it wasn't raining.