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Today, my coach held a BBQ for the whole team. He told us to eat up, because we wouldn't be working out today. He lied. After eating the equivalent of a Thanksgiving dinner, we had to do team relays. FML
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karatekid97 17

To get him back I would've thrown up all over him and/or his car.


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You really think so? Sounds awesome to me.

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1, there's a button for that.

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PrussiaisAwesome 15

You don't have to admit it. We already knew.

51- why would you ever want to Come up with something cleaver??? If anything first spot should go to a clever response. -__- and coming* sorry, not a grammar nazi but... C'mon...

I was hoping the first comment would be, "... and after the the game, many were puking." Or something along those lines.

karatekid97 17

To get him back I would've thrown up all over him and/or his car.

And he really couldn't get mad because its his fault it happened. Haha. Mean coach though.

And then he would get kicked off the team..

2, you should've been the first commenter on this FML! I didn't read yours until I commented on 1's comment, writing it should be something about puke.

What a dick! I'd puke on or near him.. >_>

wlddog 14

I am not sure,,,, but it just may be a little late to warn OP. but good hustle anyway.

Coach:"Trust me guys, no workout today."Linemen:"Ommm-nom-nom"Linemen later:"Oh God what did...*pukes*...deser...*heaves while running*¿Porqué?!!!!!!!

Your picture... I can't even... I just... It's...-sigh- WHAT THE ****?

wlddog 14

I think we just witnessed a full on brain fart that ended up being more of a shit stain. Poor 56. Someone get him some toilet paper before he ruins his hat.

imavelociraptor 6

56- based on what i learned in Spanish class "porque" means "because" ¿Por que? Means "why"...

That seems like a giant red flag but hindsight is 20/20

AllThingsBright_ 11

You didn't even have time to digest your food? Sounds like a pukefest to me.

That coach is an asshole for that. I wonder if he ate any though.

Gosh I've love some BBQ. Stupid freezing cold weather here.

Weather determines barbecue enjoyment?

Of course it does. Who wants to freeze their booty off grilling some chops? :P

30, it amazes me that people don't realize it is extremely difficult to bbq in below freezing temperatures lol. I'm from Alaska. We got 4 months to BBQ and that was if it wasn't raining.

One of the few reasons why I love living in Florida. Another being the fact that I always know it will rain on August 6th.

You know what, 34. I think you may be on to something here...

So, whose job was it to clean up the puke?

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