By blue. - 19/05/2011 23:32

Today, I'm the coach of a football team. To celebrate winning a game, they poured a cooler of blue Gatorade over my head. This would've been great, if not for the fact that I'm highly allergic to blue food dye. FML
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kingtz 6

Did people just stand there and watch you go into anaphylatic shock, thinking it was your celebration dance?


fatalkiss 0

I thought this would be one of those "Oh, noes! I ruined my brand new iPhone 4! whine whine bitch cry".

kingtz 6

Did people just stand there and watch you go into anaphylatic shock, thinking it was your celebration dance?

fatalkiss 0

Well, she's right, at least you won...also, you're at a public event with lots of people around. I'm sure you got the help you needed.

it clearly said they won the game.

schaflava 0

after posting this op died

why would you bring blue gatorade if your allergic

hooligyn123 18

Damn it, thanks... now I lost the game

Jonscarl 0

who is allergic to food coloring

OceanBreathesSal 5

to be more specific, who is allergic to blue food coloring.

RayneStorm93 0

My friend is. She scared the hell out of me because neither of us knew exactly what it was. She just swoll up:/

are you stupid OP just said he's allergic

Angi95 3

My mom is. She allergic to blue food coloring and blue dye number two and red dye number three and cows. So it's possible.

Killuhk 8

Lol cows? Your mom is allergic to cows? That's rather....odd lol

How is that odd? That's like saying that some one that is allergic to cats or dogs is odd.

klrindal 2

Lol your mom is allergic to cows. Sorry not to be a douche but that made me burst out laughing idk why.

well, most people allergic to cats and dogs ARE usually allergic to all animals with fur... enzymes.

Who cares? You won the gaaammeeee :D

kay well tell me what you're highly allergic to (if anything) and after you do something big, i'll dump it on you and be like "hey, at least that really good thing happened to you. you'll probably smile all the way to the hospital. :)"

Naggerass 1

I have no allergies or medical problems, your move.

zuzupetalsYO 11
chickunkey 0

haha. I was raised in the projects, the projects...

chickunkey 0

that was supposed to be a reply to #2^

O_o I didnt know you could be allergic to that

Oohgaloof 0

*AAAHCHOOOO* Sorry, I'm allergic to retards.

you can be allergic to anything. even people like 34 that make extremely old and overused bad jokes and feel so clever about themselves. :)

5, I know right, who the **** is allergic to food dye it's pretty strange really.

and is it specifically blue food dye? OP wishes it was lemon lime gatorade

3mikey1 9

I used to be allergic to red food dye as a kid... sucks when your fav candy flavor is cherry...

How can you be allergic to Gatorade when their flavor is 100% real fruits!?! It's not made of food dye!

68 - Yeah me too. Still am kinda having a phobia of eating anything that's coloured. OP, that really sucks.

and how do you find out that you're allergic to blue food dye?? Seems like something weird to be allergic to and to know about

Randuhh_17 4

people can be allergic to alot of things...everything actually.. they do a test on you to find your allergies.. or, you eat it, and get an allergic reaction..

RainbowHeadache 2

He could've eaten a blue cake as a kid, tried blue Gatorade, blue koolaid, big blue drinks, maybe blue candies? There are endless ways to find out you're allergic to a food coloring. A lot of things have artificial coloring now-a-days.

whoisthisgirl 4

yeah haven't you ever seen the girl that was allergic to sun light? or the boy (I think he was a boy.. if it was a girl my mistake!) that was allergic to water? or the girl that couldn't cry because she it would burn her skin..? I feel so bad for them.. :(

it's pretty easy to find out if you're allergic to something. especially if there's so much variety of it. apparently common sense is your kryptonite, my friend. >.>

You can't be allergic to water. You would die because most of the human body is water.

actually, most people who are allergic to water can survive on milk, or fruits, for their liquid intake.

enonymous 8

So red food coloring is ok? what about yellow? Electrolytes are good for you!

johnnybagodonuts 2

more importantly, is green okay? first rule of kindergarten art class; blue plus yellow equals green.

xZsweeneyZx 0
DontModMeDammit 10

That's what I was thinking..but maybe he is talking about "football" I mean soccer..

Football seasons in Europe are just finishing up..

in alaska soccer season is late spring and football is mid/late summer (practice starting in early/mid summer so very soon here, in about a week) one can only assume it varies based on your location.

guckylynn 19

Semi-pro football teams are currently playing all across the US.

if hes in canada gootball season is on right now ( soccer also but...)

Maybe it's Australian Football? We're smack bang in the middle of the AFL season.

I didn't know Canada played football well that's another reason I love Canada

lilmisslovely13 15

Haha 66 you said gootball. You little goofball :)

txgirl2013 14

well...that is unfortunate...PARTY THE PAIN AWAY!

kingtz 6

Tomorrow, he gets to be a patient at the hospital.