By bhnja_ - 18/04/2013 20:34 - Philippines - Mandaue

Today, I got cut from my track team. My coach told me it was because my sprints were "too fast" for his liking. Huh? FML
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"We're cutting you from the team because you're too good." Sounds legit.

Mademoiselle_fml 34

Maybe you were just making all the others on your team look bad ;3


"We're cutting you from the team because you're too good." Sounds legit.

Maybe OP is black and the coach is racist...

Maybe OP was black and the coach was racist...

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#1, he was damaging the self-esteem of the slow *****.

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or he was just destroying the coaches son in practice

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You are on steroids. Get off the juice!!

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This reminds me of the FML where the mom burned her child's acceptance letter from Yale.

Maybe the other people looked bad compared to him?

Mademoiselle_fml 34

Maybe you were just making all the others on your team look bad ;3

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They were running so fast their clothes were unable to keep up. The coach got tired of having to deal with the school board and the streaking problem it was creating.

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Maybe you were running so fast that your stamina would run out too quickly..?

If I'm correct; Sprints are short, "as-fast-as-you-can" runs. I'd understand the coaches reasoning if it was a marathon or something, but the point of sprints is that it's raw speed without conservation.

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That doesn't really apply to sprints though. There's a reason many professional sprinters need to be carried off after a race. Using up all your stamina is a good thing.

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When you're 25 and hopped up on 'roids, running a 22-second 100m is conspicuous for a middle-school track team.

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#8, that's pretty good for a 6th-grader of the typical age.

Average 6th graders run in the mid to high 10's not 22's.

perdix 29

#19, I went to school with slow, fat, suburban kids.

I hate to break it to you but middle schoolers are not running mid to high tens. They're not running as slow as 22 if they are worth anything either, but if you are going correct someone then get your facts straight.

13-14's high 12's for the fast ones 22 is really slow, that's a good high school 200m time

22s probably isnt actually unreasonable for a 6th grader. The average male is probably around the 15-16s mark. In my experience, people are WAY off the mark when they say (guess?) their 100m time. A good time for an athletic, but not sprinter-type guy would be ~13.xx.

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#30, I was the equipment manager. The track girls loved my moobs with a combination of wonder, lust, disgust and envy!

#19 I would love to see these sixth graders you watch run in the mid to high 10s

I got about 16 or 17 in grade 6. Our fastest was a 12. 22 seconds was grade 4 slow kids.

perdix 29

I find it hilarious that everyone is up in arms about the OP's time in the 100m, yet nobody seems to have a problem with a 25-year-old sixth-grader. It's a joke, people, exaggeration is part of it! In my mind, I saw a giant, hulking guy covered in acne with a shrunken scrotum running slightly faster than a bunch of gawky, little kids. I just wanted to share that image with you.

I ran a mid 13 in 6th grade, a 22 is really slow, my 4th grade sister ran a 18 But I get what perdix is saying now

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Jesus man that'd be embarrassing. In high school I ran a 14 second 100m which was actually pretty mediocre. I can't imagine middle schoolers are that much slower

You must be too fast for his brain to comprehend what's happening.

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Wanna see me run to that house and back? ... Wanna see me do it again?

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That makes no sense. I'm a track coach and the only object in track is go beat the clock. come on my team we need sprinters bad! And can I have you do triple jump as well?

Hmmm...sounds like quite the turmoil..better run it off;)