By jj - 07/11/2014 05:47 - Australia - Windermere Park

Today, I was sick and had soccer trials on the same day. At the soccer trials, the coach called me over and told me I was doing really good and to keep it up. I said thanks and vomited on him. FML
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Did you get a red or yellow card after that? "Vomitment" gets a red card.

I'll use that when I tell the story of me vomiting after my fitness test - which I didn't pass.

That's 'working your ass off" vomit. I hope he appreciates it. Edit: you threw-up in him? It's your skills on the game that count.

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Did you at least feel better after?

I think it would be pretty weird if she threw up IN him

@24 yes I felt a little better. Thanks for caring :>

Coaches perspective: "Today, I was at soccer trials today. When I see this kid playing really well that I call her/him up to tell her/him that he/she's great, after telling her/him that, he/she threw up on me, FML" (sorry for the he/she's and stuff like that, I just wasn't sure if OP was a boy or a girl)

I hope he sees it as a sign of appreciation...

I bet he regrets saying not to keep it down

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Well most athletes usually bleed, sweat, and cry on the field but I guess vomiting could be a thing too.

Props to you for still going while you're sick. Let's just hope he understands it :/

I'm sure you'll keep it up, cause you sure couldn't keep it down! Haha sorry OP.

Hey that shows commitment, and that you can still perform even when you're sick. If you get a compliment when you're feeling under the weather that just shows them how good you are

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Yeah I made the team, that was me by the way ?