By jj - 7/11/2014 05:47 - Australia - Windermere Park
Today, I was sick and had soccer trials on the same day. At the soccer trials, the coach called me over and told me I was doing really good and to keep it up. I said thanks and vomited on him. FML
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Coaches perspective: "Today, I was at soccer trials today.
When I see this kid playing really well that I call her/him up to tell her/him that he/she's great, after telling her/him that, he/she threw up on me, FML" (sorry for the he/she's and stuff like that, I just wasn't sure if OP was a boy or a girl)

By  sydneysays  |  15

Hey that shows commitment, and that you can still perform even when you're sick. If you get a compliment when you're feeling under the weather that just shows them how good you are