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Today, my boyfriend told me I was selfish for "choosing" to start my period on his day off from work. FML
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iarefatal 9

Tell him to shut up and go buy you chocolate.

poemqueen 15

Wow, like you can choose that.


way to think about others, ya asshole

poemqueen 15

Wow, like you can choose that.

n_epic_fail 14

Your boyfriend sounds like one of the many dumb asses we are forced to share our planet with.

Or he was joking... Can't tell from the interwebs.

node_fml 5

#50 from the look of your profile pic I'd say you have your red wings.

Yeah, 65. It looks like he loves his girlfriend every week of the month.

mangoboy1 19

This is just like that FML a couple days ago where the girl grabbed her guy's dick and she got mad at him for having a boner.Its not in his control just like the period isn't in this case.

chlorinegreen 27

I WISH you could choose like that

jem970 19

What? How do you control your periods on birth control? Do you quit the pill for a month or so and then start back up after your period? I am confused because there really is no way a girl can sit down and say "hmmmmm.... Next week will be an awesome time to have my period!" And it magically happens

CaitiieBuggs 23

I think what she means is it's easier to track and 'plan on it next week' sort of deal.

I'm pretty sure she means that if you don't want to have a period, you just skip the sugar pills and start right up on the next pack.

lmngrl889 14

boyfriend fail!!! how rude & ignorant of him. fyl op :(

Tell him periods arent within your power to control. Period.

lmngrl889 14

how would I get thumbed down for this?!

#132 #153 Spelling mistakes, stating the obvious and unnecessarily many exclamation marks?

65&72. Me holding the leg up in the air gave it away, didn't it?

iarefatal 9

Tell him to shut up and go buy you chocolate.

lmaouloser 5

Or give him Anal like he wants.

WrongRomance 11

This is OP's chance to use her period to her advantage.

Tell him to eat the chocolate and lick it like ice cream

Sheesh, it happens like, every month (reference to an older FML).

karen1991 15

And not the cheap chocolate ether!

You're not alone, 94! The only chocolate I care about is milk! And ice cream, but shit, that's only because its ice cream!

Damn, it is nice to see other women to not crave chocolate. I've never had that either and I don't get mood swings. And I'm not on birth control. I'm just lucky, I guess.

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Suaria 38

Am I the only female who does not care for eating during her monthlies?

I end up eating almost everything in sight the week before. The week of and the week after, is my craving for anything sweet

WrongRomance 11

I'm pretty happy on mine. I'm just STARVING, I can't pick out an outfit to wear because nothing looks right, and I feel fat, etc.

i spend as much time as possible, curled up under the duvet, eating chocolate, drinking milk and cuddling my hot water bottle. thankfully, i have the implant so my periods have stopped (Y)

musiciangirl591 16

i started my period the day after Christmas, within 2 days all of my Christmas chocolate i got in my stocking was gone

I don't get mood swings, that only happens the week before. I mostly just have a lot of pain and I do want more food sadly XD

#166 Old joke. Overused. And you still managed to make it a fail.

Some men really need to look into how periods works.. FYL OP.

Some also need to learn that their girlfriends do not exist solely to satisfy their wants.

It's not really gross it's a natural occurrence. I personally think people should at least have a basic grasp of it, like the fact pms is not actually their period but rather the few days before, and that we definitely do not choose when it starts.

We know all about periods. Girls have super sensitive vaginas that sometimes bleed when they exert themselves too much. They then get super pissed that this happened and it usually takes a few days to stop bleeding and heal up. This happens every month or so.

jem970 19

I'm sorry 89 just because its "natural" doesn't make it any less gross. I don't know about you but it looks like a crime scene in my pants the first couple of days. Gross.

Agreed! I feel like it's one of the grossest things that happens my body.Yuck.

106 i dont wanna know what goes on in your pants nasty. Its natural and thats probably wht you say with your farts but if someone else did it it would be EWWWW

AllThingsBright_ 11

How inconsiderate of you. You should be ashamed of yourself, OP.

wlddog 14

Its amazing how rude women can be. Why do they want periods anyway? Every time my wife decides to have a period, she gets a spanking. Wait a minute.. I have 3 kids. Is that how kids are made?

TeamKelly 10

How could OP do such a selfish thing? What a shame.

Shame on you OP. You're very selfish to ruin his day like that.

fishstick557 14

Wow, someone needs to educate him about how periods work.

Or just punch him straight in the ballsack, and then OP can call him selfish for getting a black and blue dick on her day off.

Time to get a new boyfriend, honestly. If not for his stupidity then for his manners.

I disagree. I don't think one mistake like this warrants a break up, everyone is ignorant every once in a while and unless it's a big part of the person (for example, an ignorance like racism) I don't think that it means someone should break up with another because of it.

How about basic selfishness and dumbassery? What you seem to fail to realise is that "one mistake" like this shows a deeper problem. In this case, blatant ignorance.

Nah 100, he greedy dude. Dontchu undastand?

Life_is_FML 22

I honestly think he better grammar

Yeah, OP! How dare you choose a day of cramps, headaches, bloating, and a bleeding ****** over sex!

Lionesse 15

Oh the horror.. OP purposely planned it to screw over the boyfriend. "Hey ******, you're looking dapper, how about you start the flow on my boyfriend's day off."

But you know what! Sometimes they just ask for it! Like this one time, my boyfriend forgot it anniversary, so I picked his birthday to have my period. I sure showed him! I bet there's a lot more to this story than OP is telling us. I bet her boyfriend chose to have a herpes outbreak on her day off, and this is just her way of teaching him a lesson!

llamalpaca382 13

23- You like Jenna Marbles? :P

Lionesse 15

#83, That's what I was going for but seeing as I was thumbed down, no one seemed to get my reference.. It's all good though.. When Gracehi posted the comment, I immediately thought of Jenna in the toilet saying "Hey ******, you're looking dapper today" Ah well.

node_fml 5

My daddy said never trust something that bleeds for 3 straight days, and doesn't die.

#9 your picture still freaks the shy out of me

titibug823 11

Tell him to study biology again! Sorry he's an asshat OP.