By claytwin - United States
Today, I was walking to my professor's office. I've had an upset stomach all week, and I still felt a little gassy, so I politely decided to pass gass before entering the room. More than just gas came out. FML
claytwin tells us more :
My first FML to get published and I am not proud of this moment but I did waddle back to my dorm to take a shower, and then I continued on with my life.
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Finally, a shit pun comment that is original and funny! OP, if your stomach wasn't feeling right, you should never assume only gas will exit when you open your bottom gate. Sorry you had to learn the crappy way.

  isallwaysme  |  27

64, I realized that after I posted, I'm ashamed of myself. I'm actually a Grammatical Nazi to be anal about it. My picture is hypocritical because it is incorrect grammar to call myself a "Grammar Nazi" but I cannot find a "Grammatical Nazi" picture on my phone :(

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I took 35's comment sarcastically. Someone pointed out that if I'm making a sarcastic comment, I shouldn't have to write, "*enter sarcasm here*." But 35's wasn't taken sarcastically and was thumbed down. So, do we need to point out that the comment is sarcastic or hope that it doesn't go over most people's heads?

  Googolman  |  29

Okay, before anyone thumbs me down or lectures me about my stupidity, let your mind be blessed with the knowledge that my comment was a joke, as I do not want to cause any ethical dilemmas. Thank you for your time.

  thatonename  |  7

Really? If I shat my damn pants, I don't care what responsibilities I'm abandoning, I'm going home ASAP. Although the thought of OP either having a conversation or standing there writing a note with a load in their pants is rather hilarious.

(If anyone wants to help with comma I'm sure is supposed to be somewhere in the last sentence, feel free)