By begging for air - 20/02/2014 17:45 - United States - Hillsboro

Today, I went to the arcade with my dad, and we decided to try out the hurricane simulator, which blasts 60mph air around in an enclosed space. My dad farted halfway through. FML
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peve3 12

Now you can say you've also been in a gas chamber simulator.


15, I wanted to make you aware that your profile pictute bears some resemblance to Justin Bieber. If I were you, I would change it.


I'm sorry, but I'm laughing so hard at this!

That's... sort of the point of this website... thanks for sharing.

I come here to cry at people's misfortune sometimes...

Actually, if op really meant the definition of enclosed. Airtight is exactly what that means

The definition of enclosed does not in any way mean airtight, you were reaching.

I'm thinking OP must have just smelled it during the simulation rather than having heard it with the loud wind and all

peve3 12

Now you can say you've also been in a gas chamber simulator.

Llama_Face89 33

I feel like such an asshole for laughing so hard at this... XD

REALAfroninga 11

Hey man my grandpa died in the holocaust!

AnOriginalName 19

Aw shweetz, I've always wanted to try a gas chamber simulator!

Hey its two simulations for the price of one :)

Hey #26 let me guess how he died. Did he fall out of a guard tower?

But it was probably missing shower heads.

Go ahead and get ready to be thumbed down bad...

You were trapped in a shit (fume) storm. That stinks... Literally.

Rainhawk94 27

It wasn't the dad's fault, the ride just knocked the uh... wind... out of him.

But won't that just light the methane and make everything worse?

broski4 13

The fart should have dispersed rather quickly.

mrlopez 13

Yup. And the resultant dispersed particulates in the air are undetectable by the human nose.

ThomasBombadil 31

Save one up for the car ride home.

If it had of been the Dad in my family (my husband) it probably would have been a lot more than just one one...

mrlopez 13

Not unless she's the driver. The buttons at her disposal are (1) speed #4 on the air conditioning and (2) child-safety window lock