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  oj101  |  33

Could someone please explain this comment to me? The grammar construction of it makes it confusing for me.

  Pleonasm  |  34

OP took a really long time to finish the race. The coach made fun of OP for it, stating that they almost took a year.
Cue commentor saying that if the coach wanted a fast finish, the coach should have sex with his wife, implying that he doesn't last long in bed, and we all know that is the epitome of cumbacks.

  WoldowJR  |  25

Slowly begins clapping. Other people join in. There is suddenly a huge roar of applause. The entire crowd goes wild! People chant your name! #1! #1! #1!

  QueenSaru  |  28

There are also those of us that have asthma and already blew our knee out at sixteen due to our joints being out of place. Just because we can't run a mile doesn't mean we're lazy. I bike to and from work every day, I just can't run or jog because it's high impact on my already fucked knees/joints.

  geekchick88  |  17

#67, my school made exemptions in cases like yours. They were actually really cool about it. I ran my mile for the President's fitness award (or whatever that was called) in 8:58, but it was a total struggle and I haven't been able to achieve a time like that again. I'm just not a runner.

By  RoseBlack123  |  37

I really hate coaches like that, who are huge fat asses themselves yet think they can ridicule others. Maybe you should report him, he has no right to mock you like that!


Maybe he was joking. I've had gym teachers like that who will take any opportunity to make something funny. A few years ago my gym teacher talked carp about the soccer team every chance he had... he was the coach.

  kwyk  |  23

Blah, people who scream for help at every sleight, real or imagined. He probably didn't mean any wrong by his comment, and you're probably more motivated for fitness already! ;)


People who are this sensitive are the reason some places can't say Merry Christmas publicly. Grow the fuck up, if you suck at running or athletics in general either accept it or use this to improve. I used to be really sensitive and shy, but I learned to accept my flaws and embrace my strengths. I know this wasn't even mentioned, but I've seen it a lot. Self pitying people who dwell on shit like this are downers, and you'll make a lot more friends(even if you have a lot to begin with) if you take everything in stride.

No one take this the wrong way, it takes time to come out of your shell, but the sooner you get on it the happier you will be.

  starile  |  19

A few cards short of a deck? A few inches short of a foot? A few clowns short of a circus? A few doughnuts short of being a cop? A couplet short of a sonnet?
A few shrimps short of a barbie?

  tpm45  |  25

One time my coach wouldn't even let me finish because I was walking.... Gym was my lowest grade that quarter lol. And don't sweat it, OP, haters gunna hate.

  SuperSofie  |  23

Yup, gym coaches suck. They always picked on me because I could do sports properly (through no fault of my own). Always got my GPA down. Just ignore the coach, he's clearly an abnoxious twat. You go at your own pace OP, at least you finished the race!!