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Today, I drove into the parking lot at work, and discovered too late that there were patches of ice everywhere. As I turned to enter my usual spot, I lost control of the vehicle, and despite my pleas, praying, and profanity, it glided straight into my boss's car. FML
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How long did it take you to crash into your boss' car that you plea, pray, and use profanity? A simple "Fuck!" is all it takes and all is needed. Praying and pleaing never work.

  cosmosis  |  12

38- hes guilty because he just admitted it, dumbass. But in saying that. Its not ops fault unless he was trying to drift, slide it onto a spot like in tokyo drift,

  reaganomics  |  6

#49 apparently you have never had the pleasure of sliding on may only be going 5 mph and see what is about to happen but there is no stopping at that point... Sucks for you Op fyl

  n_epic_fail  |  14

That really awkward moment when you're scrolling threw the comments all jolly and run across serious discussions and posting a non serious comment seems inappropriate...

  rexgar2000  |  10

shit this happened to me once on a red light, it was like supper slow-motion as I watched myself glide into incoming traffic. Luckily my car stop, I was pale as a ghost.

  rahavan  |  15

86 if his boss fired him for that he could easily sue for his job or rather money. Although I do agree with you common sense is missing these days.

  fthislyfe  |  22

I don't usually comment about people's pics but I don't think I can sleep tonight after seeing that picture... I mean what's with flouresent eyes?

  iwadasn  |  32

It was an accident, so hopefully OP's boss will understand. If he lies about it, though, he would definitely get in more trouble and possibly even get fired.

  leadman1989  |  15

I was being facetious, but studies DO show that if you curse when you're in pain it actually reduces the amount of pain you feel. Also "curse" words are thought to be stored in a different part of the brain more associated with emotion than with language.

Sorry... I just nerdgasmed all over your face.



When it comes to their religion, a sense of humor, understanding, or acceptance is rare among Christians. Anyway, how can 72's comment even be construed as bashing Christianity? The purpose of this comment is to show you true bashing, so you might recognize it better in the future.