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Today, I was stripped of my starting position on my high school basketball team. The reason? I was three minutes late to practice. Why was I late? My coach called me five minutes before practice and made me get him a coffee or else he wouldn't start me. FML
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armybarbie 1

report him? idk sucks to be you.

juliaaalove 8

#49 I don't appreciate that comment. I play girls high school basketball and it's the same game the guys play you jackass. it's ignorant dicks like you who make this a bad world so why don't you get off your fat ass and try to beat women in WNBA and see how that works out for you!


LightningLadyy 0

Sounds like he didn't want you on the team anyways. THAT SUCKS.

Cates500 0


0....that's the attendance at women's basketball matches so who cares

Can someone please tell me how to send a private message only to a particular FML app user over here? I'm not able to figure out.

CollegeGirl2010 0

well obviously you are the water this case though the coffee girl? lol :D

Pray to Bob Saget for your coach to be destroyed.

juliaaalove 8

#49 I don't appreciate that comment. I play girls high school basketball and it's the same game the guys play you jackass. it's ignorant dicks like you who make this a bad world so why don't you get off your fat ass and try to beat women in WNBA and see how that works out for you!

mercedes3210 6

#75... I'm pretty sure he was just kidding...

ICaughtFire 4

51.. I might be wrong, but I think you have to ber on the website. The app I use won't let you do it, anyway. 75.. Is it time to change your tampon? Geez.

ICaughtFire 4

Oops.. Be*

ayleyyasuko 0

where on earth can you get coffee in just 2 minutes? jeez.

Yeah 51 you need to be on the internet and not the app to send messages. Kinda annoying but meh.

@91 8 minutes not 2.

@91 8 minutes not 2.

#75: I'm pretty sure if you put the top 5 stars in the NBA against the top 5 stars in the WNBA it's a given who's gonna come out on top

113 and I'M surprised that a well known patron of FML can get so butthurt over such a comment, I thought you were better than that. Tsk tsk.

high school girls basketball is hilarious to watch. even though they have the same level of talent as 4th grade boys, it's more entertaining than the NBA.

Milly143 3

75- geez calm the fuck down. i play high school bball too but i dont get all asshurt about it

mr_miyagi 0

hahaha 75 is obviosly an angry lesbian on beaver tranquilizers like all women basketball players

@91: 8 minutes. 5 minutes early + 3 minutes late = 8 minutes.

Who cares if you you play in the WNBA I make more than the highest paid player! Women's sports are fun for them I guess. But not entertaining to watch.

You sir, are a douche bag. Have fun burning in hell.

armybarbie 1

report him? idk sucks to be you.

Them are some tig ole bitties you got their missy.

I'm pretty certain she's married. Fuck you and your creepy ass. Doesn't matter anyway, you're an asshat for hitting on someone in a comment.

lol look at you defending her honour. : p

Holy fuck, I've written this four times: Should've hustled. F the FML App

do you have the iPod app too?!? I just copy all of my comments before I post them because it usually takes like 3 tries minimum before it works! what's up with that?!

Pocahontas22_fml 0

me too!

so this seems to be a common problem with the app? I thought it was just me. hopefully they fix it then! it bugs the shit out of me lol

same as well it's only been recently too 3rd attempt at posting this

wow me too! I could have been first on a few FMLs but after like 5 times of posting I've either gave up or gotten second..annoying!

lol we should file a mass complaint. i'm surprised it hasn't been fixed.

JuuuusssstFML 0

yep happens to me too usually takes about 3 times but how long does the FML things take anyone know?

I thought I was the only one having this problem!

JuuuusssstFML 0

ya idk and I posted like 4 FMLs and none if them showed up?

Happens to me as well. Also, my number of comments has stayed at 70 for awhile.

JuuuusssstFML 0

70? mines still at 0 ???

FML appears to be screwed up at the moment.

JuuuusssstFML 0

well since we are all talking is there a way to send a private message to just one person?

me too!!! I've written a ton of comments but apparently I've written 0 as well. and 54 you can private message people but I think you can only do it on the site

woooah I logged into the full site and now it says I have 115 comments... weird!

mercedes3210 6

I have the same problem too. everytime I want to post a comment I just go on the website instead of wasting my time posting several times:/

i got bored of it too sometimes i give up

Guys, can you please file a bug report properly rather than bitch about it in the comments? It's a nuisance to the other users to have to scroll past a massive, off-topic thread. Thanks.

lol @ 119, and I'm using the iPhone app. if I go back and refresh the fml's, my comment will show up when I come back to the one I commented on. give that a try before you're all like OMGWTFCOMMENTZ

jamaicanking 0


*indian accent* I thought I was the only one *indian accent*. BTW it a Russell Peters referance

next time pee in his coffee

Way to be original. I'm sure the disgusting stench of piss coming out of the cup wouldn't give anything away.

No, put roofies in the coffee...

It would be the hangover all over again.. Lmfao!

you mean floories, not roofies. even rapies would be acceptable.

mercedes3210 6


ydi for playing basketball. weaksauce.

bigphill1333 0

I agree it's all about football!!!

wtf is "footbal"

No, just no. Hockey ftw

squirell_AIDS69 0

#11 if you don't understand sauce, then you're better off not replying to #6.


Try wrestling! basketball is what little boys play during Wrestling season!

Wrestling is a mans sport

LaxBro6 0

Wrestling is another way to get closer to a man. Lacrosse, on the other hand, is one of the oldest traditions out there. Native Americans used it to train for war. It's boss as hell. LAX FTW

patridge 0

well just kick him right in the nuts

squirell_AIDS69 0

Maybe he wasn't being serious and you're just a gullible person, OP

maybe op just sucks. at bbal 0-0

well it's pretty obvious your coach didn't want you to start from the get go .... that's extremely rude to break it to you in the way that he did though. I'm sorry!

well played imo coach had the right idea shoulda hustled

You would say that you dirty Canadian

You should kiss more ass, that'll help