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By  kathryn14  |  19

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  nurchok  |  15

Oh come on, give them for 38 cents and claim this is your cost and you can't go below. Make a sad face like you're trying to help, but can't. Then smile and wish him/her a good day... :)

By  Bevspeaks  |  11

Hey Slim Jims are pretty useful for working on a car, what else are you supposed to eat that's meaty and juicy? Or can be held in one hand while using a wrench?

  gabe222  |  25

Am i the only one that thought slim jims as in the tool to unlock a car? But then I saw 39 cents and I got a little confused... Wish they were that cheap!

  Bcfrmkc816  |  17

Yes you are right doesn't matter if it was.50 cents men and women of the armed forces deserve it after all we have been thru and seen. And then have to fight to keep what the government promised us when we join but then tries to take it away so they don't have to take pay cuts or pay for there own insurance. I apologize so long. But that's just a part of it all

  Grmpman  |  7

... I just can't stand thus yes thank you blah blah blah.... But they choose that they get so many benefits and every one just says like they are the true hero!!! They have no war and haven't for a while expect the one were they walked as the next dropped their gun begging not to to die....if I was a vet I would not ask for discounts or any thank yous at all.... Just my opinion on the subject maybe I'm wrong.

  cheyforever16  |  9

okay my fiance is a combat vet and they are heroes. they see and do things most of us couldnt imagine. there IS a war going on, just not one thats publicized. our troops are being shot at, blown up. one ptsd attack was all i needed to see to be convinced of how real that horror really is. so excuse this guy for asking for a discount he EARNED fighting for YOUR right to say stupid shit like this. you dont know what hes going through. most military wont ask for the discount unless they need it. so lay off.

  monnanon  |  13

please remember that one persons hero is anothers enemy. just depends what side of the wall you are on. also they are not heros, they are people doing a job. a doctor saving a life is not a hero either thsts their job but they deserve more respect than peopme that go to someones elses country and begin blowing shit up. dont kid yourself, we are thr agressors this time.


Two are for less than a dollar. I respect what people in the military do, but it's not just because they served that they always deserve better treatment than everyone else. And yes, I'll accept any downvotes that come my way, but that's my opinion.