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Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try some "prolonging gel" to help him last longer between the sheets. Surprisingly, it worked, and he lasted 3 times longer than usual. I can now enjoy 4 whole minutes of sex. FML
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saIty 17

So, he usually just lasts for 1.333333333333333333333.. minutes? Damn, he beats me by .002 seconds.

Tell him that when he is about to climax, pinch his butt together and press down hard with his feet. Always works for me.


Tell him that when he is about to climax, pinch his butt together and press down hard with his feet. Always works for me.

No need for a doctor, you've got EverestMelting.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Can this be practiced? You know... Alone...?

I've found that for some reason when I'm filming me and my girl ******* I last much longer. Idk why

first off, WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU DO THAT 85! and secondly, I find that thinking about baseball when you feel you're getting close makes you almost reset if you think about it enough.

Werken247 14

Or just tell him to stop thinking about large, bearded, pantyless, dress wearing men in elevators.

To me this is more of a mind thing, it's hard to put it under control in the heat of moment, when your entire brain is thinking about sex. My trick is not to get too focused on it, and sometimes I do long math calculations in my head, it work for me.

bfsd42 20

Kegel exercises and practicing control. It's better to focus on your pleasure and control its level than to think about differential equations while you're supposed to be enjoying the sex.

boojie97 12

See a doctor or something, he could have a condition.

N3766 20

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Wowxoxo 17

Condition? OP you should be happy he's so attracted to you during sex. The more you do it, the longer he'll get.

Not necessarily 33 he may just be a premature ejaculator period nothing to do with attraction to any single person... OP might be in for a long (and perpetually short) sexual experience

I was like that with my first girlfriend, it just takes time and practice.

chell1894 13

Lol silly women. I love when they think they are just "so hot" they make their man cum in seconds.

I always found long, deep breathes help for calming down; just like you would during any sort of panic attack. Get him to practice meditation...the art of emptying your mind of any and every thought. Not only is it quite relaxing, but I guarantee if he can meditate successfully you won't have any worry about this so long as he applies it. Worst come to worst, at least you're not having the issue where he can't finish at all. Also, there's more than one way to work this stuff out. Have him spend more time on just you so that it evens out. He's attracted to you! Focus not on the specific acts, but just the fact you're with each other, and enjoy that time spent together.

Trix_Disorder 20

And a mouth... Girls who complain about this stuff don't ask for enough foreplay. :(

49, seeing that your a guy I'm surprised that you would know that.

Krajjan 9

3 - And he should use them to wank one out about fifteen minutes before. Should double your pleasure, double your fun.

RedPillSucks 31

Exactly. Once he masturbates, the following erection should last a lot longer.

7, sometimes we actually just want to have sex. Because it feels nice, and it's intimate and blahblah. Sometimes, we want to skip the foreplay and just get to it. It's not always entirely about our ******, though we'd appreciate it lasting long enough to make one possible.

Trix_Disorder 20

Why are you talking to me like I'm not a girl? Most girls can't come from insertion alone anyway, so lasting long enough really isn't the issue.

It's an improvement. The more you do it the longer he'll last so go after it!

Exactly, it's an improvement. And it shows he's willing to try things to get better. You could try more foreplay and oral beforehand where he focuses on you.

mega20913 8

maybe pull out before he has an ****** and use some more of the prolonging gel

Meh that could just numb her up and completely ruin the experience ... Just double wrap the young lad and make sure any gel or numbing agent is inside the condom... Tried that stuff one time nearly 2 hours later the girlfriend and I were both more frustrated and tingly than anything else lol. That was my very first time having sex after that we didn't bother and decided 15 minutes was a good starting point lol we just practiced from there til we could go longer times.

wannabesinger 16

You're never supposed to put two condoms on! That's just asking for them to break.

saIty 17

So, he usually just lasts for 1.333333333333333333333.. minutes? Damn, he beats me by .002 seconds.

showmeyourears 19

A minute is 60 seconds. So he lasts 1 min 20 sec.

Depends on how you read it. She didn't say 3 times as long, but 3 times longer. If it's 3 times the original amount longer, the original time would have been one minute :)

18 he said 1.3 minutes not 1 minute 33 seconds

yepadoodles 3

Actually if I'm correct he lasts 45 seconds. she said that he lasted 4 times longer and that equaled 3 minutes so you divide 3 by 4 and get 0.75. Then you times that by 60 and divide by 100. That gets you .45 or 45 seconds.

yepadoodles 3

My bad she said 4 minutes so in that case that's 80 seconds or 1minute and 20 seconds

Not sure why I'm being downvoted. Three times as long comes down to 300%, in which case the original time would indeed have been 1 minute and 20 seconds. Three times LONGER, however, means the original time plus three times as much (for a total of 400%). In that case, it was originally 1 minute. I guess the OP meant it like that.

Bloody hell, it's not that hard. 3 times longer is NOT the same as three times as long (which is 3 times the original) - it's the original amount plus three times that (making 4 times in total). He lasted 4 minutes this time so his usual time is 1 minute. To word differently, he lasted his usual 1 minute plus 3 more minutes (3 times more/longer). Did you really thing OP was getting so technical that she was multiplying 1.2 and 1.3, etc. as opposed to simply implying that he lasted about a minute?

I don't think we have to be quite so literal as to do math to figure out how long he lasted originally.. OP was just trying to make a point by saying that the prolonging gel helped, but since her boyfriend can only last for so long without it, it doesn't help all that much.

coolsunshinebear 14

I knew there'd be math arguments after I read the FML. People just can't resist.

#71: It's shocking how simple maths confuses people. #76: stop the word play before you confuse yourself even more than you already have.

OP could ask her boyfriend to work this math as he's, er, working her. Going by the length of this thread, it might help more than the gel.

She said, 3 times longer than usual. Not 3 times as long. Which means 1 minute. Not 1.3333.. blah. And, one-third of 4 minutes is not an incalculable ad infinitum, it's a round 80 seconds solid. Mathematics.

Yes, three times longer, meaning 3x1, 1 being the original time (in minutes).Anyways, 3x1=3 and the original being 1, 1+ the three times longer so 1+3=4. I know that was confusing... [3x1=3,1+3=4]

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Everyone - the correct answer = too damn short for OP's liking. You're welcome :)

106 - I'm not confused - I wrote and clarified it in a variety of ways in the hope that even the simplest of minds would understand...unfortunately it seems that it didn't work for you. And I agree, the amount of discussion on this is ridiculous, but that's why I couldn't help but intervene in an attempt to set things straight. I guess next time I'll just leave it be though. Some people never get it and these things are more trouble than they're worth.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.

U_GotitDude 18

So he went from a minute man, to a four minute man?

Take it as you must be really tight and therefor really good. That's what I always think of when I get a bad lay.

Really tight made it last a ton longer.... Sometimes prolonging the fun to the point of boredom .... But hey whatever lol

RedPillSucks 31

Having the Guy last long is pointless if the girl doesn't ******.

It's a compliment. You have a nice ******, OP.

34 - I'm sorry, but you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

hawright 13

What more can you expect? I mean the climax time went from 1.33 minutes to 4 minutes. I'd just take it as a compliment, he must think you are drop dead gorgeous. That or you are his first.

She said 3 times longer not 3 times as long as usual. If you're going to bother to do the math, do it right. You were looking for 1 minute - nice and round and simple.

hawright 13

77- Regardless of who is right, you don't need to be such a bitch about it. I interpreted it one way, you did another. I'm not saying you are wrong or right. It's all in the interpretation.

...or he's just experiencing PE which has nothing to do with how attractive the OP is. It's all in his head. There's nothing wrong with him. Confidence, sir. It's all about confidence.

Didn't mean to be rude, just losing patience due to the sheer number of incorrect comments on's not really a matter of interpretation. 3x longer = 1 time plus 3 more. It's depressing how many people don't seem to understand this.