By user210 - 26/03/2012 03:05 - United States

Today, my boyfriend got really excited that he'd broken his own record; he can now last a full 2 minutes in bed. FML
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Mercedes16 7

At least he broke the record. Lol

iamabamf 17


On the bright side he did break his last record.

thiscrazything 1

Sounds like he gets really excited way too easily.

My boyfriend has that problem sometimes too.. After like a minute he has to really start to concentrate on something else. It's actually quite funny to watch. I feel your pain though so FYL. He's not even lasting the average 3-5 minutes for a male

Do it twice? .... 2nd time allways takes longer to come ;)

Average 3-5minutes? Wow then my average of 1hr+ is up there huh? I guess you could say I'm the Jordan of sex.

Or your just trying to impress all the ladys by lying and you've either hadn't had sex in a long time or your in the same boat with him

nofearjenshere 12

I've only had sex once in my life before and I thought it was horrible because he only lasted 5 minutes. I guess it's not as bad as I thought though.

Well considering you're 16, it was probably his first time too, and that's not terrible for a first timer. Better than some people on their 50th.

raney150 0

I read somewhere that apparently 75% of men last about 2 minutes or less in sex.

ninjawatcher 2

Tell him to flex his abs constantly and breath as regular as possible. Does wonders to your endurance.

Mercedes16 7

At least he broke the record. Lol

Tell you're boyfriend to think about maths or physics while having sexytime - it should work.

Soon, OP's boyfriend will make a run for the Guinness World Record. Look out world, here he comes!

26- You mean here he cums. Which he seems to do awful quickly.

That might not be such a bad thing, cause some guys (like me) find it extremely difficult to climax during sex. Which by the way, really SUCKS

42- You were born to be a **** star.

spekledworf 18

Hmm I was expecting someone to say "shut up OP atleast he has a penis"

hawaiianfire 0

Nah 43, male **** stars have to be able to cum on command.

Hey, if you don't believe in yourself, you're likely to give up, so make sure he believes in himself and maybe he'll get better!

igloo617 1

my ex was a 2 pump chump !! feel very special lol

In, out. In, out. Done. This is my interpretation. :)

Don't feel bad OP, I used to date a guy that would BRAG that all he'd give was '2 pumps and a bear down'...

iamabamf 17

Exactly! He had sex for 2 mins, he broke the record, he came. What's not good about that? He must be a try hard to finish that fast.

nofearjenshere 12

Waste of what? It certainly wasn't a waste of time because it was still good for the few minutes they had sex, so the only thing it could be a waste of is cum... Did you have something you'd rather do with his ****? Eh..?

KiddNYC1O 20

"Gail swallows"! (Mic feedback)

ArabFML 3

One of the best comedies out there!