By anonymous - 11/02/2012 05:57 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend and I had sex. He swore it wouldn't be 2 minutes long this time. He was right. It was 3 minutes. FML
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DalPozzo13 10

That's sad, my dog has gotten it on with a pillow longer than that haha


the dude just needs some practice. don't make him feel bad about it though, shit. we all were like that at some point.

MatheusRajuidas 5

I mean 2 minutes... Is that even possible?.. How fast does he have to hump her for it to last 2 mins?! Anyway, he needs to STOP humping right before he's about to shoot for 10 secs and then go again. I dunno, might help at least a little bit.

Agreed with 26- if he's young and just starting out, this is not a problem. If he's over 25, you're in trouble.

he doesn't necessarily have to be 'humping' her fast, nerves play a huge part in performance and the length of sex. you never know, she might be teasing him with foreplay and he might be extremely excited. don't judge.

oh hang on now 33, I see you're only 15, possibility you haven't actually even had sex, so maybe we'll see, sometime in the future, your fml "today I had sex for the first time, I came before I fully in. fml"

39 - 33 is probably basing all his knowledge off **** videos, where they edit it to make it look like they're going at it for hours.

Conditioning will get him to last longer eventually :P

I thought at least one person would have said: "doesn't matter... Had sex" ... So there.. I did it.

43, you're probably right, in that case he should watch '**** fails' and see that even **** stars come early sometimes!

Where have you been all my life?... GET HIM!

I honestly thought this comment said "better **** next time"

When that happens i just tell her shes unusually tight ;)

MatheusRajuidas 5

43 - FYI I'm not into **** and actually am not a virgin. Just sayin'.

cradle6 13

138- You're not qualified to give advice on the subject.

True, thats why they barely got any hard ones in **** :p **** =/= reality.

OP says this is an FML. OP's guy says he managed to last 50% longer in bed!

well you can't really blame him, if you think about it too much it causes pressure for them. just tell him to relax, doesn't matter how long he lasts, sex can be nerveracking for both boys and girls. he'll get better!

Proven fact that sex makes relationships go much smoother. That is why many marrieges fail, as the sex is bad because of old age.

CopehagenCanMan 0

2- I was just about to say the same thing

Better than not lying, he gave her a 50% increase in performance time. I'd say if this trend continues she may not be able to keep up.

DalPozzo13 10

That's sad, my dog has gotten it on with a pillow longer than that haha

Wait a while and get back to it. hasn't he got any stamina?! Or a libido?!

Actually it's even better because it's technically a 150% improvement.

No, it's a 50% improvement, but 150% of what it was.

did he keep going till you were finished? gotta please the lady too!

This is why *********** was invented. Unless the OP was gay, in which case I recommend ********.

Gender not given, only gender of OP's partner. Which means that the OP may or may not be gay. Schrodinger's sexuality.

It's kind of impossible to keep going after you cum

SooooYeah 2

My boyfriends the same. but its okay, he lasts longer the 2nd time with a condom on

Put some whiskey and pain pills in him and he'll be like the energizer bunny just keeps going and going and going

Your boyfriend needs to learn how to hold back and not just focus on himself. Holy shit.

18 - it can be hard to not finish really fast sometimes. Not all guys can last an hour. Especially since it sounds like he is fairly new to the whole sex thing.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Oh thank god, someone mentioned having sex more then once- first time for him, second time for the partner. Both parties don't have to come every time. So long as you are going second rounds or doing other things to please your partner, it's fine if a guy doesn't last that long.

I have trouble lasting. even with just my hand and no ****. My fingers please my girlfreind more than my d*ck..

Snafuusmc 12

I guess he came a little to short on time?

Next time it will be 4 minutes. Then 5. Then 6. Well I think you get the point

fentron 3
emjayprice 0

that relationship won't last long..

... implying sex = relationship, lol, that's not how it works.

Ur what, 15? Sorry. That's not how relationships go in the grownup world. See most people who are in long term committed relationships aren't in it purely for sex. She and her boyfriend will probably work through this one unless they have issues outside the bedroom.

yazmi_09 3

BANG!!! ???? it's duck hunting season!

Your saying that is about the equivalent to me saying your duck face practice will most certainly end your relationship. Sex does not have to have anything to do with a good relationship for everyone.