By anonymous - 16/11/2010 22:43 - United States

Today, my girlfriend told me to Google how to last longer in bed. FML
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"Hey baby, why don't you come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo so I can google all over your facebook?" haha, awe yeeah.

it's called MASTURBATION! twice a day should do the trick :)


stephanie0613 0

Hahaha I just saw degrassi and one of the boys google'd it :D haha I agree girlfriend WIN .

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ FYL for watching Degrassi. That kid is the only remainder of the good Degrassi day, though.

it's called MASTURBATION! twice a day should do the trick :)

dudeitsdanny 9

But too much of it and you'll get a bad rash.

I can ********** for a whole day straight and not get a rash, try washing your hands before. Or stop doing it with sandpaper...

Uh, a whole day? sandpaper? what da heck?!

********** with sandpaper, dont try that. downgrading isnt an option in your situation

42-The sandpaper is a reference to an FmL from yesterday.

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yls ydi for having a weakened penis

Well, yea. Everyone knows Google is the pimp of every search engine. Google will help you for sure.

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Get to it instead of being on FML!