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  firenymph  |  0

Kudo's to you for a willingness to go that extra mile in your relationship. However make sure your not exceeding the dosage. if you have not then perhaps if your willing to try the pills again you should back off and take only half a dose next time.

  kenman884  |  2

That's assuming you can talk in between screams of horrifying pain.

And my take is that he took a pill to keep from cumming, and still hasn't gotten off.

YDI for not being able to control yourself in bed.

  eur003  |  0

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  massagenist  |  0

i had a hard on for the entire day once in high school. there was a blonde girl that i had a crush on and couldnt stop thinking about. i recently saw her 4 years layer and she weighs 300 pounds now. not even viagra could help me now.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Ya... if she wants more... Why are you done?Two words " KY jelly " if not, it's like an Indian rug burn. You're probably done because you're hurting your girl. YDI for not knowing you can't just stick it in.