By imsorrylove - 31/03/2010 04:44 - United States

Today, I took pills to make sure I lasted longer with my girlfriend. Good news? It worked fine and is still working now. Bad news? We've been done for a good two hours. FML
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EllyH 0

Pills? I don't think you're suppose to take more than ONE.

I would say walk it off but that would look funny indeed.


emduggs 0


if your erection lasts more than 4 hours , call your doctor

Call the docta!

bihero 0

wat pill is that?

I thought i was "if you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, please contact the Guinness book of World Records."

omg way to ruin my first... you didn't even comment you selfish prick

just use it as a place to hang stuff

21, comments like yours add an element of humor to the otherwise obnoxious 'First!!!'

25 - hahaha thanks buddy lol

Keep doing it! Again and again!

gvtstlmykidz 0

good one

Averizzle 0

Well it's a good time to play on team penis..

firenymph 0

Kudo's to you for a willingness to go that extra mile in your relationship. However make sure your not exceeding the dosage. if you have not then perhaps if your willing to try the pills again you should back off and take only half a dose next time.

brycereid 0

haha so your typing that fml while having sex? that's some crappy sex.

you should not give a person advice to take a medication that obviously was not prescribed to him.

how old are you cause it's only a girlfriend so you shouldn't be that old that you can't keep it up. ydi for having an ugly girlfriend. fail

p1ssface 0

ur penis is a fail and u wank to hard :)

theian01 3

If erection lasts for more than 4 hours, call more ladies ;-D

ydi for having a fail bonner to begin with.

dude... :( u fail

blindyblonde13 0

#56 agreed completly:D

Soo much for plan b :P

my friend all this means is that u are not done an there is more sex to be had.

according to "thelovedoctor" you should take some sedatives, it should even things out :)

if erection lasts more than 4 hours, call more ladies

win for the phrase " fail bonner "

mcme 0

if your erection lasts more than 4 hours, please contact the book of world records.

damainzer 0

I dis agree with #14 if I had one lasting more then 4hors I would tell my friends=)!!!!!

damainzer 0

I mean I dis agree with #10

FHGrif 0

I thought it was call your friends and brag about it.

kenman884 2

That's assuming you can talk in between screams of horrifying pain. And my take is that he took a pill to keep from cumming, and still hasn't gotten off. YDI for not being able to control yourself in bed.

"If your erection lasts longer than expected, brag about it to all your friends"

u can so jus stick it in!

umm yeah that's kinds wat u do, stick it in there!

MiGman 5

#19 i had a fiend who had one for 6 hours. his girlfriend timed it

brittboo27 2

#80 you're fucking hott!!!!

why fyl?...keep going haha

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you would of had first if you didn't waste te first part of your post yelling first

shtuff 0

It's the pleat in the pants. I was just taking them back to the pants store right now. Don't act like your not impressed

K410 18

Loser lol

EllyH 0

Pills? I don't think you're suppose to take more than ONE.

RaIeigh 0

#3 - Right before i typed it i read this .

xxhappyninjaxx 0

I lmaoed hard when u read this =D

xxhappyninjaxx 0

I meant when I read this (damn iPod touch)

I would say walk it off but that would look funny indeed.

blindyblonde13 0

#5 thatd be very very funny looking

i had a hard on for the entire day once in high school. there was a blonde girl that i had a crush on and couldnt stop thinking about. i recently saw her 4 years layer and she weighs 300 pounds now. not even viagra could help me now.

imapyro1996 4

I'm sorry OP that must have been very hard-on you

greeneyedgoalie7 0

hahahaha strong pills

lol Viagra fail!

Smilzen 0

I don't know what to be titillated more by, your enormous...sunglasses, or your gigaaantic...earrings?

twilight_0118 0

oh that just sucks. and I have to say 'first'! :)

bloodhoundbambam 0

twillight As Name = double fail

saying that a boner longer than 4 hrs sucks = triple fail

you can light a match and blow it out and put the hot ember on your wrist. lol

at least your still erected if she wants more....

sourgirl101 28

Ya... if she wants more... Why are you done?Two words " KY jelly " if not, it's like an Indian rug burn. You're probably done because you're hurting your girl. YDI for not knowing you can't just stick it in.

ur not first silly !!!!! and i lol'd at ur misfortune haha

learn how to reply on direct comments before you call someone else silly...

learn to calm down before you comment after out firsted :3