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By sadandmad - 20/01/2016 16:09 - United States - Bonita Springs

Today, my husband took a pill to make him last longer in bed. He did last longer. He went from 5 minutes to 7. FML
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And that's his fault? you both can figure out how to lengthen the time in the bedroom without lessening the pleasure.


You guys can try edging. It might help. There are other methods too, but in my opinion, edging is the best.

You poor thing. Quickies are great here and there, not if that's all you get. You guys do foreplay right?


OP needs to tell her husband to pace himself. Honestly its about self control, when he feels the need he should stop do some kissing or touching and when it subsides continue.

#33, I never said anything about quickies. How does the fact that I enjoy edging make me a "poor thing"? Please do tell.

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I think she might have been thread jacking.

I suggest stop using **** as reference. Also. Add foreplay and then lube, even if you would not actually need the lube it will lessen friction and thus lessen stimulation for him. Instead of complaining in the internez try to actually do something =D

Try two pills next time! or call AMI ! (some company that advertises on every radio station and has cars with the graphics on it ) or maybe you should finish faster hahaha

She should finish faster? Really? You can't just summon an ******, especially during sex. Women can take a lot longer than men to get there, and they don't always get to finish during.

What is AMI supposed to do here? Help her ****** sooner? Like, she calls them while having sex, and that immediately gives her an ******? Man, AMI sure sounds interesting.

No wonder it's such an expensive 900 number!

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sorry, it's been proven blue balls isn't a thing, and that doesn't happen frequently. if you're having that problem see a doctor.

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What the f**k do you know about blue balls? You're a girl.

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@91 A quick google search and reading of an article could tell a girl all she needs to know about blue balls. Lack of experience doesn't mean lack of understanding. I've never been murdered, but I know I wouldn't want it to happen to me.

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@89 What's your source on that? I know links can't be posted, but who released that information?

Blue balls actually is the general term for a medical condition that actually exists. Don't just spew nonsense to sound smart.

I don't care what you think had been proven, that shit is a hoax. Blue balls are very real, and very painful.

I agree that it's a real thing, but the issue is that guys play it up way too much to pressure a girl into doing something they wouldn't otherwise do. Yeah sounds like it sucks to some degree, but using it to take advantage of someone's compassion is just sick, and commonplace.

Usually a girl can keep going after she orgasms?? I mean, I have a very sensitive clit, and I can't let someone keep playing with it after they make me ****** that way. But vaginally? Sure, keep on keeping on... Didn't realize that a girl could be THAT sensitive. I'm bi, and most of the girls I've been with can not only keep going after a vaginal ******, they can keep going after a clitoral ****** as well. I'm more sensitive than anyone else I've ever encountered. And I'm not some bi girl that's been with two women... I generally date women.

Try a **** ring next time. Or edging. Or have him jerk off sometime before you get it on. Don't give up after one bad medicine. Plenty of ways to help a guy last.

Same thing happened when I was with my ex. Lol

And that's his fault? you both can figure out how to lengthen the time in the bedroom without lessening the pleasure.

Amen #5! Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay including fingers and tongue. The Kinsey Institute found 75% of males ejaculate within two minutes at least 50% of the time. Even with those that last longer, most women need more than intercourse in order to ******.

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75% of males ejaculate within 2 minutes 50% of the time?? I have to call BS on that. That percentage seems WAAAY too high. Not saying it doesn't happen or that it's not a problem for some men, but there's no way it's that many men and that often.

What #52 wrote is pretty accurate. Average sexy time lasts about 7 minutes, while about half of them last shorter than 2 minutes.

Foreplay makes me cum sooner. Not that I would know because I'm not getting any.

Those two statements don't go together. The only way it makes mathematical sense is if the first is a mean average and the second a mode. But that would mean the first is dramatically influenced by relatively irrelevant outliers, and thus relatively irrelevant.

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FYL but I know some men struggle to make it to 30 seconds let alone 7 minutes!

Am I the only one that thinks it's a little weird she was timing it so precisely?

It's not all that hard to time it. I've had occasions where I've gotten a glimpse at a clock before starting and then looked afterward to see how long it had been.

I agree with #23. I guess it makes me weird, but I tend to check out how long it takes me to get off. It's also possible OP was doing it deliberately this time, to see if the pills helped.

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Yeah man, lets **** with some dosages from some pills I got off of the internet. Sounds great, couldn't possibly go wrong.